Thompson's Point, Portland, ME
Rendering of proposed $100m multiplex which would revitalize Thompson’s Point

The recent proposal to build a convention center, hotel, sports arena and music hall at Thompson’s Point in Portland is an exciting vision for Portland.

The project would revitalize an industrial area of the city and bring in new music, entertainment, and convention business. But why not go bigger and bolder, and make it the first Carbon Neutral multiplex in the nation?

Ideals Matching Reality

Although most Maine residents and visitors come here for the pristine environment, the reality is we have the highest per capita CO2 emissions in New England — as well as the highest per capita oil consumption in the region. Rather than continuing this track, the new facility could use 21st centuring building technology and renewable energy to showcase a different vision.

Imagine the worldwide marketing opportunities that would result from being able to host carbon neutral conventions and music and sporting events? Portland could become a major player in the booming worldwide clean energy revolution while at the same time improving the chances of its survival in the coming age of dwindling fossil energy supplies.

The entire Thompson’s Point multiplex could be easily heated with modern district pellet heating, which would keep the carbon neutral fuel source right here in our beautiful state and therefore keep hundreds of thousands of annual fuel dollars in Maine’s economy. Solar arrays on properly designed rooftops could supply the necessary electric power as well as domestic hot water.

This is a tremendous opportunity for Portland to get it right from the start–let’s banish fossil energy from the Thompson’s Point multiplex.

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