With over 650 (!) individual solar installations in 2014, it’s impossible for us to show them all in our newsletter. But, we wanted to show some of the more remarkable systems installed this past year, a result of the effort of our now 83-person team (with 20 positions added in the last year).

Maine Audubon – Gisland Farm Campus

Maine Audubon’s Gilsland Farm headquarters now boasts a 42kw solar electric array consisting of six solar trackers and a rooftop array, making it the largest solar array installed in Maine for a conservation organization. This project is made possible by a partnership withMoody’s Collision Centers, who paid for the equipment and installation of the project, in exchange for securing a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Maine Audubon (who will purchase the solar power at below utility rates from Moody’s for six years, with the option to purchase the system outright in year seven).

We have had a positive relationship with Maine Audubon for years, as both a corporate sponsor and offering ‘Solar 101’ talks at their educational center at Gisland Farm in Falmouth. We are honored to be part of their strong commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. The solar will provide a whopping 84% of the electricity consumed by the Environmental Center, which hosts well over 100 educational events throughout the year.


Here is a photo of the same system on a moody winter day. Our installers persevere through snow, sleet and icy temperatures to get projects installed!


Solar on a Historic Barn – Lee, NH

Being a New England company, many of our projects are on historic barns and we love the synergy between historic preservation and a distributed, fossil-free energy future of the 21st century. We have a number of great examples of projects like this, but this photovoltaic system in Lee, NH is as photogenic as they come!


City of Belfast Fire Station

The City of Belfast, ME is the latest municipality to lock in below utility rates for electricity with a power purchase agreement with ReVision Energy. This 45.9kw solar electric array should generate over 50,000 kilowatt-hours per year for the City. The perfect southern exposure of the fire station combined with a relatively high cost of power for the building made the PPA agreement a win-win for the City and its taxpayers.

Read more in the Bangor Daily News or see this local community TV segment:http://vimeo.com/115354627.

City of Belfast ME Fire Station - Solar

See it from the Sky!

With the growing niche of drone and GoPro photography, we’ve gotten some pretty cool aerial shots of solar arrays. This nice example is right in-town Bangor, ME!

About 1/3 of the solar array meets the needs of the household, the other 2/3 is net-metered and through ‘virtual net metering’ the homeowner is able to defray electric prices at other properties he owns in the Greater Bangor area.

Solar PV Aerial Photo Bangor Maine