The McDonalds Cool Down Energy Expenses With Solar + Heat Pumps

With the whir of electric wheels on rail, a black Great Northern engine, followed by a coal car, bright blue box car and caboose winds its way around miniature farm houses, a cafe with clients on the patio, and a train station with an impressive resemblance to the former Boston & Maine historic station in… Read more

The Big Reason Quality Matters in Heat Pump Installations

Homeowners want to save money wherever it makes sense, and that’s why more and more New Englanders are turning to highly efficient heat pumps to cool their homes with zoned comfort. Heat pumps run on electricity for far cheaper than other methods of cooling & heating, and if you install solar panels you can effectively… Read more

Heat Pumps Handle Sub-Zero Stretch

Heat Pumps Proven Winners in Deep Cold Record-breaking low temperatures descended upon Northern New England in the last days of 2017, hanging out for days and freezing pipes, immobilizing cars, and straining many home heating systems. Our customers with solar-powered heat pumps, however, had a different experience than many in the region – they experienced warmth… Read more

Keep Cool with a Solar-Powered Heat Pump

Keep cooler this summer with the installation of an air source heat pump – a piece of technology that uses electricity to keep your home more comfortable, moving hot air into or out of your house, as the season requires. It’s the only heating system where you have the choice: use power from the grid,… Read more

Are You in Love with Your Heating System?

With winter upon us, we like to hear from customers with heat pumps installed to see how the equipment is living up to expectations. Here are some nice words shared by Jay Norwalk in Alna, Maine: I am pleased to report that the heat pump lived up to its specifications last night – It was… Read more