The Willis’s Solar-Powered, Earth-Sheltered Home

Paul Willis first encountered an “earth-sheltered” home while working as a photojournalist in Indiana, and loved the concept. Earth-sheltered homes are durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient dwellings, characterized by the use of earth to buffer much of the structure, and windows that face the southern sky. The passive solar aspect was appealing to Paul and his wife,… Read more

#BtheChange: Chris Pamboukes Pedaled for Power at the Cross Roads House

In the summer of 2014, ReVision electrician Chris Pamboukes teamed up with Josh Andrews to raise money for the installation of a solar array at Cross Roads House of Portsmouth, NH. Chris began volunteering with Cross Roads House in 2004 as a high school student, through a tutoring program called “Students Helping Students in Need.”… Read more

Solar Energy to Save Claremont Taxpayers Nearly $1M

Claremont, NH — A recent public ribbon cutting and tour showcased a solar array installed near the wastewater treatment plant in Claremont. The project is a key feature of the city’s multi-year plan to cuts costs and reduce environmental impacts. Last year, the Claremont City Council approved funding for the solar array, which has no… Read more

The Plug-In Hybrid: A More Perfect Union

The average American has a commute of 20 miles or less. It just so happens that there are more than a few outstanding plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) that can easily cover that distance without a drop of gasoline. A plug-in hybrid like the Chevy Volt, the Chrysler Pacifica, or the upcoming Workhorse pickup truck… Read more

The Big Reason Quality Matters in Heat Pump Installations

Homeowners want to save money wherever it makes sense, and that’s why more and more New Englanders are turning to highly efficient heat pumps to cool their homes with zoned comfort. Heat pumps run on electricity for far cheaper than other methods of cooling & heating, and if you install solar panels you can effectively… Read more

Top 3 Advantages of Going Solar vs. Wind in New England

Which renewable resource should we power our homes with in New England – Sunshine or Wind? ReVision Energy says sunshine wins, hands down! Here are the top 3 advantages of going solar for your home. 1) New England has a Limited Wind Resource Unlike solar, wind power generation works poorly at a smaller scale, and homeowners… Read more

Wire Belt Company Uses Solar to Compete Internationally

New Hampshire-based Wire Belt Company of America (with facilities in the UK and Germany) uses solar power as a strategic advantage in the super-competitive world of domestic manufacturing. See this video where we meet with Wire Belt CEO David Greer and tour his facility, and learn how a family-owned business uses solar to compete in… Read more