Tiny Climate Classroom Hits the Road

Tiny Climate Classroom Travels New England, Bringing Solar Education to Everyone At ReVision Energy, one of our core values is learning; we want to equip everyone, young and old, with… Read more

Climate Education, All Year Round!

Climate Education & Sunsquatch Lessons from 2021 ReVision Energy is on a mission to teach the next generation how to save the world! Working alongside our fearless friend Sunsquatch, our… Read more

Play in the Dirt for the Earth!

Article from our April “Kids’ Edition” newsletter Let’s talk about dirt. It’s everywhere, and we like to wash it off, vacuum it up, and keep it out of the house… Read more

Activity Pages for Kids!

School is closed and you may be stuck at home, but the good news is Sunsquatch is here to bring you plenty of fun facts and activities, from the honey… Read more

Sunsquatch Visits Their Creator

We recently had the pleasure of visiting Christoper David Ryan, the Maine-based artist who designed Sunsquatch, and surprised him with his creation (“in the flesh!”). It’s not every day you… Read more