Adjusting to COVID & Eradicating Carbon Pollution

A Partner’s Perspective by Co-Founder Phil Coupe With 8 billion people on earth trying to survive, we are finding out the hard way how we are all interconnected, and how we must act cohesively to solve problems like the coronavirus crisis, and in the long-term, climate damage. All of us at ReVision Energy are grateful… Read more

Electric Snowmobiles & Cruise Ships?

A Partner’s Perspective by Co-Founder Phil Coupe What do the world’s first electric snowmobile and cruise ship tell us about the transition to renewable energy? It tells everyone in favor of abandoning fossil fuels that anything is possible, including the heretofore unimaginable ability to charge your snowmobile with solar power and then go ripping through… Read more

Cause For Optimism: US Chamber Joins Environmental Battle

A Partner’s Perspective by Co-Founder Phil Coupe With 7 billion passengers aboard, the good ship planet earth is like an old yet still beautiful 20th century luxury liner – excellent bones, but in need of a serious makeover. Repairing the environmental damage from 200 years of Industrial and Technological Revolutions powered by fossil fuels is… Read more

Optimism in Light of Paris Climate Withdrawal

Imagine if Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had listened to the naysayers. Instead, those superheroes of racial justice engaged the insurmountable power of the people to throw off the chains of slavery and racial discrimination, overcoming enormous colonial wealth and power arrayed against their cause. After 200 years of wealth creation… Read more

Power by the People, for the People

“Get Involved, Get Informed. Vote for Clean Energy.” – a note from Co-Founder Phil Coupe Who is planning to build the largest city in the world, powered by 100% renewable energy? China, who just announced it will ban the internal combustion engine to accelerate the transition to electric transportation, would be an excellent but incorrect guess…. Read more

We’re Still In: Climate Optimism From the Ground Up

“The Stone Age Didn’t End Because We Ran Out of Stones” – a note from Co-Founder Phil Coupe Settling into the back of a worn but spotless cab, I offered the driver a bottle of water that I wouldn’t be able to carry through security at D.C.’s National airport on my way back to Maine. He… Read more

The Era of the Electric Vehicle is Here – a note from Co-Founder Phil Coupe

Gobbling about 26% of all fossil fuel energy consumed, transportation is a tremendous area of opportunity for New Englanders to reduce energy costs and emissions. To help us capitalize on the opportunity, millions of dollars of settlement money, courtesy of the Volkswagen emissions-cheating scandal, will soon be deployed throughout the region to accelerate the build out of… Read more

Partner Perspective: Democratizing Energy Choice

Our energy choices have been mostly limited to coal, oil, propane and gas for the past 150 years of the Industrialized Revolution, during which these energy dense fossil fuels powered the most rapid progress in the history of humankind. To maintain the resulting present day level of comfort and convenience people expect, we are now… Read more