Solar home on the seashore in Gloucester, MA

Customer Profiles

Solar and Sustainable Design Work Together in Gloucester, MA

Glenn and Faith Parker built their dream home overlooking Ipswich Bay in Gloucester, MA. With the help of ReVision Energy and Treehouse Design, they designed their house to be a beautiful, highly-efficient and solar-powered home. The Parkers bought their property on the rocky shorefront, with an uninsulated 1920 Sears kit home already there. With plans… Read more

January 6, 2020

"Under the Sun" Solar Blog

ReVisionista: Carley Williams

We’ve been having a blast highlighting our ReVisionistas for years now, and we still haven’t run out of stories to share. Now, we’re happy to share another ReVision co-owner’s story in our first video bio. Carley Williams kicks it off! Read more

January 1, 2020

Solar PV and solar hot water on the roof of a home in Canterbury NH

Customer Profiles

Solar + Air Source Heat Pump is a Reliable Wintertime Backup for Canterbury Home

For Martha Clark and her husband Randy Hayes, their wood stove had always been an efficient, reliable way to heat their home. Post-retirement however, they suddenly found it posed a unique problem. Fortunately, an electric air source heat pump combined with solar provided a worry-free wintertime solution, all while boosting their home’s sustainability. Passive Solar… Read more

December 28, 2019

Partner Perspectives

Cause For Optimism: US Chamber Joins Environmental Battle

A Partner’s Perspective by Co-Founder Phil Coupe With 7 billion passengers aboard, the good ship planet earth is like an old yet still beautiful 20th century luxury liner – excellent bones, but in need of a serious makeover. Repairing the environmental damage from 200 years of Industrial and Technological Revolutions powered by fossil fuels is… Read more

December 26, 2019

In the News

W.S. Badger to Install One of the Region’s Largest Solar Arrays at its Headquarters in 2020

Via Benzinga: W.S. Badger Co, an award-winning manufacturer of organic personal care products and a certified B Corp, today announced partnering with renewable energy company ReVision Energy to install onsite solar at its headquarters in Gilsum, New Hampshire in 2020. This news comes as over 500 leading Certified B Corporations, including Badger, announced at the… Read more

December 12, 2019