Communities Going Solar

Lebanon, NH Converts 25% to Solar with Multiple Arrays

As a major step towards accomplishing its sustainability goals, the City of Lebanon contracted ReVision to install eight solar arrays for the city. The Landfill Maintenance Building solar array pictured above was completed last fall, along with 6 others by the end of 2019. The City Hall array will be installed in 2020 when renovations are completed. Across… Read more

February 3, 2020

"Under the Sun" Solar Blog

Call for Submissions: Youth Perspective

ReVision Energy is inviting content submissions from High Schoolers offering their perspective on the climate crisis. An important value at ReVision Energy is constant learning, and we feel it’s important to learn from the generation who will feel the greatest impacts of humankind’s carbon pollution. Content can be in the form of a written article… Read more

January 30, 2020

Electric Transportation

Big Incentive for Business EV Charging in 2020

Transportation is the single largest contributor of carbon pollution in our country. With our limited time to address this issue, New England states have wisely begun to create incentives for electric vehicle purchases, making it critical to build adequate infrastructure to support this ever-increasing population of EVs. Charging at the workplace is the second-most common… Read more

January 23, 2020

Communities Going Solar, In the News

Cumberland Unveils Town’s Solar Field

Via News Center Maine: Another Maine town is taking strides towards fighting climate change. On Tuesday, the town of Cumberland unveiled its new solar field. There are 1,248 panels on the field, which is built on top of the town’s capped landfill. “Basically it was all municipal, solid waste, and it basically sat here dormant,”… Read more

January 21, 2020