Schools & Nonprofits, Solar Power

Mt. Ararat High School Chooses Solar

Mt. Ararat High School started classes this past week, with two major changes in store for students: they are attending in a hybrid format due to COVID-19, so only half of the population is there at a time, and they are taking classes in an entirely new school building, with solar panels on the roof…. Read more

September 4, 2020

Solar & Sustainability

Hillside Center for Sustainable Living Promotes Green Lifestyle

Hillside Center for Sustainable Living in Newburyport, MA is taking an incredible new approach to sustainable design. Generating more solar electricity than 48 living units can use is a feat in and of itself, but Hillside Center has gone beyond just that by providing a shared electric vehicle fleet, creating central composting, salvaging building materials, harvesting rainwater,… Read more

August 25, 2020


Old Laptops for New Mainers

Laptop Donation Program Open August 2020 ReVision Energy running laptop drive to get technology to New Mainers via Welcoming the Stranger.  For the month of August, ReVision Energy will be receiving used-but-not-used-up laptops for asylum-seekers distributed via Welcoming the Stranger, a grassroots project that matches mentors with asylum-seeking families to help them integrate into the Greater Portland, Maine community…. Read more

August 4, 2020