Why Do Utilities Want to Discourage Net Metering?

With all of these fights about net metering in the USA, you may be asking yourself, “Solar creates jobs, helps the environment, and helps people save money, why is this even an issue?” Solar presents a predicament for utility companies. Once someone has gone solar, their electric bill is reduced, if not eliminated (down to… Read more

Do REC Sales Mean a Solar Project Isn’t ‘Green’?

A recent AP story called attention to the Vermont’s Attorney General recent warning to solar farm developers in Vermont that the sale of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) generated by a solar farm transfers its “green” benefits to the buyer of the REC – meaning that the developer cannot legally also advertise those same benefits to consumers looking to… Read more

Solar Legislative Update, Summer 2015

A tumultuous session, but let’s call it a draw Maine Some bad solar bills were defeated, as were a number of good ones that had broad bipartisan support, but not enough to overcome the Govenor’s veto.  The most ambitious of the solar bills, LD1263, was transformed into a “Resolve” supported by both solar installers, the… Read more

Update on CMP Rate Case: Settlement Axes Worst of CMP’s Proposal

As reported in the Portland Press Herald and on MPBN News, CMP and most intervenors in the rate design case have reached a tentative settlement which would axe the worst of CMP’s proposals – the proposed standby rate that would have singled out and punished customers who generate their own power with solar, wind, or other… Read more

Advocates push bill to restore solar rebates for Maine

Solar energy advocates, state lawmakers and companies that install solar-energy systems said Tuesday that Maine should catch up with the rest of New England. The group, including Natural Resources Council of Maine, touted a bill that restores a $2,000 rebate for those who install solar-energy systems. For homeowners the news on solar is good, too,… Read more

Report from Augusta: Solar Policy on the Frontlines

LD1252 – An Act to Improve Maine’s Economy and Energy Security with Solar and Wind Energy, takes testimony on April 24, 2013 in Augusta. Photo courtesy 350 Maine. The current legislative session is critical to the future of solar in Maine, with at least four bills under consideration that will directly impact solar, as well… Read more

Getting To Yes in a New England Historic District

If New England is to hoist itself up from reliance on fossil-based energy, we need to re-think some priorities and look at solar panels differently. “As an installer of rooftop solar systems, I meet more and more people in historic areas looking to fix their long term costs, offset pollution from unsustainable energy sources, and… Read more