Massachusetts Climate Bill

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed Senate Bill 9 – An Act Creating a Next Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy – into law on March 26th. Below, our North Andover Managing Director James Manzer discusses what it means for Massachusetts:  ReVision Energy applauds the 191st and 192nd Massachusetts Legislature for their continued focus on passing… Read more

2021 Update: Solar Energy Qualifies for 26% Federal Tax Credit

Make it a Sunny New Year! UPDATED: 12/29/2020 There is bright news for both homeowners and businesses who are ready to make 2021 the year they finally go solar – the 26% federal tax credit has been extended for another two years! In addition to reduced solar panel prices and ever-increasing rates from sources of… Read more

Huge Victories for Solar in Maine’s 2019 Legislative Session

Huge Victories for Solar in Maine’s 2019 Legislative Session Recap of the major legislative victories for Maine solar policy in 2019 After 8 years of hovering on pause or going backwards, 2019 marks the year Maine’s solar policy made strong forward progress. Here’s a quick rundown of the legislative victories and what they mean for… Read more

Gross Metering is Dead! Now What?

On Tuesday, April 2nd, Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed into law LD91, a law which directs the PUC to end gross metering and return to full retail net metering. The Maine PUC, this Tuesday, April 9th, met and issued an emergency order ending gross metering immediately (rather than wait 90 days for the law to… Read more

Maine: Gross Metering Repeal in the Works

Gov. Janet Mills and the new legislature is moving quickly to reverse the wrong direction Maine’s solar policy has gone over the last 8 years. The first order of business is rolling back Gross Metering, the unfair, likely illegal, and expensive boondoggle LePage’s PUC developed as a way to stymie solar development. Gross metering proved to… Read more

Getting SMART About Massachusetts Solar

For an update on this topic, read more here. After a number of years of using solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) to underpin and stimulate the growth of solar energy statewide, Massachusetts is currently in the process of implementing a new incentive program based on a tariff concept. The rapid increase of solar in Massachusetts… Read more

Time for lawmakers to override solar veto

Via the Portland Press Herald, the editorial board speaks out about the need for the Maine legislature to override Governor Paul LePage’s veto of L.D. 1504, Maine’s solar bill: The governor maintains his opposition to solar power, again claiming that he is protecting the poor and elderly from being taken advantage of by people rich… Read more