New Solar Array At Wavus Camp Will Power it for Years to Come

ReVision Energy recently finished a new solar electric array at Wavus Camp for Girls in Jefferson, Maine. Here is a bit of the article from The 36.4-kilowatt, grid-tied solar electric array was installed on the roof of the Wavus Barn at the camp on Damariscotta Lake and came online last month. A total of… Read more

Details on Tesla’s Solar Shingles Are Slow to Emerge

Recently, ReVision Energy founder Phil Coupe was asked to comment on Tesla’s solar roof tile innovation for Green Building Advisor: We don’t want to be a wet blanket on the whole affair but we’re waiting to be convinced this is a game-changing product as opposed to another really excellent marketing hook from Tesla/SolarCity that gets… Read more

ReVision Energy Launches New Discount Program For Veterans

BRENTWOOD, NH – In time for Veterans Day, ReVision Energy launches the new Solar Salute program to support local veterans and service members looking to invest in a solar energy solution. As a Certified B Corporation that seeks to do good in the community, ReVision Energy values the service and sacrifice that veterans have made… Read more

Pedal Power Transitions to Solar Power at Seacoast Homeless Shelter

Brentwood, N.H. (November 3, 2016) — After a two-year fundraising effort, a Seacoast homeless shelter will soon be powered by the sun. A solar electric array will be installed at Cross Roads House in Portsmouth over the course of several days, beginning November 10th. The transition to solar power will save the shelter thousands of… Read more

Wishcamper Company to Power New Apartment Complex with Solar

Portland, ME. (November 1, 2016) –  Portland-based The Wishcamper Company is going to to be powering it’s newest affordable housing complex with solar energy with it’s first solar energy array in the state. The array will go on the 3.43-acre Lot 3 in Westbrook Heights Business Park. In a deal that closed Sept. 30, Wishcamper, under… Read more

Solar Benefits All Ratepayers

In an editorial to the Portland Press Herald, Steve Hinchman, Director of Financing at ReVision Energy, pens a response to the misconceptions being spread about solar net metering by the electric utility industry. His message? Don’t believe the lies. Independent studies, in state after state including Maine, have repeatedly found that solar net metering saves money… Read more

Maine voters find common ground on solar energy, National Monument

A recent poll released by the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) shows that Maine voters from a wide variety of backgrounds, political affiliations, and geographical differences strongly support solar energy development, global warming, and the new Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument. “We hope the poll will show the legislators that Maine people would like… Read more

Partner Perspective: Democratizing Energy Choice

Our energy choices have been mostly limited to coal, oil, propane and gas for the past 150 years of the Industrialized Revolution, during which these energy dense fossil fuels powered the most rapid progress in the history of humankind. To maintain the resulting present day level of comfort and convenience people expect, we are now… Read more

Massachusetts Solar Loan Facilitates Path to Owning Your Own Power

Brentwood, NH. (October 24, 2016) — ReVision Energy announces its participation in the Massachusetts Solar Loan program, a low-interest, fixed-rate loan that facilitates the path to owning your own power. ReVision is listed as an Expedited Installer with the program, which allows Massachusetts residents and property owners to connect with approved lenders to find ideal… Read more