Net-Zero Solar-Powered Home in Rockport, MA

Mason & Joan Browne of Rockport, Massachusetts, tell their story of working with ReVision in their own words: My wife and I purchased a large, very sunny, undeveloped lot in Rockport, MA. Given the trend towards building more energy efficient houses, plus the related trend to minimize the use of fossil fuels, we decided to… Read more

North Conway Community Center Switches to LEDs, Plans for Solar

The North Conway Community Center converted to LED lighting in the fall of 2018. The retrofit will offset their electrical usage by nearly 40%, and with their solar installation in the upcoming year they will see an enormous reduction in their electrical expenses. The tightly-constructed NCCC facility was built three years ago with great attention… Read more

Solarize Lowell Enables Potwins to go 100% Renewable

In 2009, Ruth and Gary Potwin moved into their home in Lowell, Massachusetts with the help of the federal first-time home buyer program. In 2013, they took the “Lowell Solar Challenge,” adding 12 solar panels to their home — and as of late 2018, their solar array has offset over 27,000 pounds of carbon pollution…. Read more

Mook Sea Farm Builds Resilience in Changing Waters with Science and Solar Power

Bill Mook is one of the original Damariscotta River oyster farmers, leading in Maine’s revival of the American oyster (Crassostrea virginica) with scientific rigor and entrepreneurial tenacity since he launched Mook Sea Farm in 1985. In 2018, ReVision installed 282 solar panels atop Mook Sea Farm’s new production facility, helping to keep Bill’s business on… Read more

The Greenoughs Enhance Passive Solar with Solar-Powered Heating & Cooling

Don and Lucia Greenough’s home in Ipswich, Massachusetts was designed with passive solar principles in 1984. With an additional warmth from the rock-bed heat storage system underneath their home, they’ve been happy through many winters with a simple wood stove to provide extra comfort – occasionally using propane for supplemental heat on bitterly cold nights…. Read more

Sally McIntyre’s Solar Home

Eight years ago ReVision installed solar panels at Sally McIntyre’s home in Falmouth, Maine. Sally, a retired child advocate attorney, got interested in solar because of the climate change crisis. “I thought, ‘There’s something where I won’t be adding anything to my carbon footprint if my electricity is mostly from solar power, and I might… Read more

Solar and Heat Pumps Provide Clean Comfort for Scarborough Homeowners

Paul Hertlein arrived in Maine in 1995 to join Shipyard Brewing Company’s microbrewery expansion. The job also took him around the country, as microbreweries were first catching on, but Maine became home. Paul works for an internet company today, and when asked if he moonlights as a homebrewer, he laughed and said, “I feel like it’s a lot… Read more

The Willis’s Solar-Powered, Earth-Sheltered Home

Paul Willis first encountered an “earth-sheltered” home while working as a photojournalist in Indiana, and loved the concept. Earth-sheltered homes are durable, comfortable, and energy-efficient dwellings, characterized by the use of earth to buffer much of the structure, and windows that face the southern sky. The passive solar aspect was appealing to Paul and his wife,… Read more

The McDonalds Cool Down Energy Expenses With Solar + Heat Pumps

With the whir of electric wheels on rail, a black Great Northern engine, followed by a coal car, bright blue box car and caboose winds its way around miniature farm houses, a cafe with clients on the patio, and a train station with an impressive resemblance to the former Boston & Maine historic station in… Read more