Solar + Air Source Heat Pump is a Reliable Wintertime Backup for Canterbury Home

For Martha Clark and her husband Randy Hayes, their wood stove had always been an efficient, reliable way to heat their home. Post-retirement however, they suddenly found it posed a unique problem. Fortunately, an electric air source heat pump combined with solar provided a worry-free wintertime solution, all while boosting their home’s sustainability. Passive Solar… Read more

Solar + Heat Pump + Battery for Home Comfort & Resilience

To eliminate his carbon footprint and save money, Craig Mellin of Newbury, MA has invested in solar, heat pumps for space & water heating, and an electric vehicle charger over the past two years. Because every home needs power 24/7, Craig also opted for a battery storage system that keeps the lights on at night… Read more

Rowley, MA Homeowners Eliminate Oil, Propane, and their Electric Bill

Bryan DiPersia, his wife Laura, and their young son are going all-in for electric. With a primary goal of eliminating their oil and propane usage alongside their carbon footprint, the DiPersias invested in a solar array for their home and in the process completely erased their electric bill from existence. Bryan is a mechanical engineer… Read more

How Do You Sell Your House? With Solar Power!

Most people who go solar plan to remain in the home they are in for a while. It’s the best way to take advantage of the years of free electricity their new solar array will generate once it is fully paid off. Staying in place is exactly what Joe Farjani and Laurel Millette did not… Read more

Tim and Jayne Barry Go Solar and Embrace “Solar Salute”

Leominster, MA — In the above video, US Air Force Veteran Tim Barry and his wife Jayne talk about their urban homesteading lifestyle and how a transition to solar enabled them to tackle rising electric rates. After transitioning to solar with ReVision Energy, they’re now looking into battery charging (a great deal for homeowners in… Read more

Barrett Miles Uses Solar Loan to Power his Energy Independence

Barrett Miles knew he wanted to go solar, but as a younger homeowner he didn’t have the upfront capital to do it. Luckily, a solar loan made it possible! Barrett and his fiancée moved into their first home, in Dover, NH, and with the help of ReVision Energy and Mosaic, an innovative company that makes… Read more

Split Rock Distills with Solar Power

To fulfill their vision of responsibly-produced organic spirits, and to attract new clients while inspiring existing fans, Split Rock Distilling is harnessing Maine’s abundant solar resource to power their gorgeous Newcastle tasting room and craft distillery. Split Rock Road Co-founders Matt Page and Topher Mallory named their passion project based on a fond aspect of… Read more