Repurposing Landfills to Benefit the Community

We’re delighted to announce that the cities of Portland and South Portland will partner with ReVision Energy to install the two largest municipal projects in Maine, twin 1 megawatt (DC) solar arrays on capped landfills in each city.  Working collaboratively, Portland and South Portland were able to save on project development ‘soft costs’ and ReVision… Read more

Harvesting the Sun with Community Solar

In addition to solar for farms, we’re also keenly interested in developing community solar farms. Community solar farms are a great way to bring solar to people that do not own their homes or have poor solar sites. We’ve built a number of solar farms in Maine and are actively looking for additional landowners in Maine and… Read more

Solar for Sanford’s UU Church Charges the Way into Second Century

A “small but mighty” congregation, the members of Sanford’s Unitarian Universalist Church were faced with a big decision as their historic church reached its centennial. Do they look at a new location, in a more efficient and modern church, or tackle the energy challenges of a 100-year old building? Ultimately, the congregation chose to update… Read more

Bar Harbor’s Bold Road to Solar

Acadia National Park is arguably Maine’s crown jewel of environmental treasures – and certainly among its most popular, with over two million visitors annually. Protecting that natural resource, and facilitating its use in a sustainable way, is a top priority for the National Park Service and for Bar Harbor, the town which serves as the… Read more

ReVision and Town of Brunswick Kick of “Solarize Brunswick” Program!

The growth of solar is nothing short of remarkable – 40% of new power generation in 2015 came from solar, and 2015 has so far marked a staggering 70% growth year-on-year from 2014… which was already a record year! (Source: SEIA) While state-level policy support lags, Maine’s towns and cities are trying to develop innovative ways… Read more