Mount Desert Island Solar Farm Under Development

Under Maine’s new policy, Community Solar Farms are making it possible for every Mainer to save money and reduce carbon pollution, even if your property is unsuitable for an on-site solar array. Our newest solar farm will be located on Mount Desert Island and will be available to folks living in the Versant utility territory…. Read more

Hanover is One Step Closer to 100

The Town of Hanover, NH has just achieved another important milestone in their transition to 100% renewable energy with the installation of a 66.4 kilowatt solar array on the roof of the Fire Department. “The Town’s goal is to install a total of 3 Megawatts in municipal rooftop and ground-mounted solar which will fully provision… Read more

Maine Community Solar Farm Shares Now Available

Community solar farms (CSFs, or, solar gardens) make going solar possible for those who want clean energy but don’t have the ability to put it on their own roof (or on the ground in their own yard). ReVision Energy provides an ownership model of community solar, meaning each participant in one of our solar farms… Read more

Lebanon, NH Converts 25% to Solar with Multiple Arrays

As a major step towards accomplishing its sustainability goals, the City of Lebanon contracted ReVision to install eight solar arrays for the city. The Landfill Maintenance Building solar array pictured above was completed last fall, along with 6 others by the end of 2019. The City Hall array will be installed in 2020 when renovations are completed. Across… Read more

Cumberland Unveils Town’s Solar Field

Via News Center Maine: Another Maine town is taking strides towards fighting climate change. On Tuesday, the town of Cumberland unveiled its new solar field. There are 1,248 panels on the field, which is built on top of the town’s capped landfill. “Basically it was all municipal, solid waste, and it basically sat here dormant,”… Read more

ReVision Breaking New Ground with Solar Farm

At Good Will-Hinckley in Maine, ReVision crews are installing ground screws for a forthcoming solar farm to offset the municipal electric load for the Town of Freeport, ME. Good Will-Hinckley President and Executive Director Robert Moody shared, “The land was just a hay field, unused since our beginning in 1889. This is a great use of the… Read more

A Landowner’s Guide to Solar Leases

Maine’s solar policy recently became much friendlier to offsite solar farms, and now solar developers in Maine and across the country are looking for sites to build such farms. This offers a triple win for Maine’s economy – an economic opportunity for landowners, solar developers and their workers, and for the recipients of solar power… Read more

ReVision Energy Launches ‘Solar Up Andovers’ Neighborhood Discount Program

ReVision Energy’s North Andover location has launched a neighborhood discount program called Solar Up Andovers! Good for contracts signed from Oct 15, 2019 – Feb 29, 2020. The neighborhood discount is 5% off any solar energy system, as well as any related technology such as heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, EV chargers and batteries. All homes and… Read more