Start a career full of meaningful work and generous benefits.

To meet our ambitious goal of electrifying New England, we invest in our strongest asset: our people. ReVision’s benefits and employee-ownership reflect our commitment to growing our business with our employees in mind first.

Our People are Our Mission.

Building a cleaner, more equitable future is hard work, so we take care of our teams. To meet the higher standard set by the B Corp certification, we are constantly improving our business practices and employee focused policies.

We believe in rewarding people for their dedication and exemplary work, and have received an award identifying us as a Best for the World™ company for workers due to our competitive wages, benefits, and constructive work environment.

Benefits & Perks

We offer several benefits and programs designed to support wellness as a whole. We strive to continually improve our benefits and provide the tools our employee owners need to care for themselves and their families:

Invest in Yourself

Support your Family & Community

Build your Future

Employee owned, employee focused.

Our employee ownership allows every person at ReVision to operate with an “owner” mindset and receive all the benefits of equity built over time.


Health is wealth.

We offer medical coverage, including an HSA with an employer annual match up to $1,000. We also offer dental, vision, long and short-term disability (employer paid), accident, critical illness and life insurance.


Lifelong learning is a key value.

Our Training Center is dedicated to setting up programs for our workers to develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel, personally and professionally. Every employee also receives a yearly learning stipend.

Working hard means resting hard.

In addition to 7 paid holidays, we offer a start of 80 flexible PTO hours. In 2021, we launched a paid week off in July so our teams could take a collective break.


Your family is our family.

We support all caregivers with a paid family leave policy, which also applies to adoption, injury or illness of self or family member. Additional support for new parents includes flexible hours, rooms for breastfeeding mothers, and more.


Community support, within and beyond.

We connect with each other and our communities through paid volunteer hours, shared interest groups, events, and our JEDI pillars, which focus on social justice advocacy and amplifying underrepresented voices within our company and beyond.

Save for the future we’re building.

Every full-time employee is eligible for a 401(k) plan after a year of work and can receive a no-cap employer match up to 4%.


Work together, profit together.

Profit sharing results in long term wealth creation through our ESOP and 401(k) options, and yearly company-wide compensation updates (separate from bonuses and promotions).


Go solar – with perks!

We offer financial support to employees going solar. Employees that put solar on their home, or install any of our products, can receive an interest-free loan that comes right out of their paycheck.


What’s it Like to Work at ReVision?

Our successes are fueled by our people. We are motivated every day by a genuine joy in our work and for each other, and a desire to improve the future for our environment and the next generations.

We all came to ReVision from different places, some far and some near. We grew up with different experiences, and were educated differently; some went to college, some went to trade school, some of us started working right out of high school.

We all have different lifestyles and perspectives, but we are motivated by the same values. United by a vision of a better future and connected by our shared system of governance, we bring our different talents and skills to our work, and cheer each other on along the way.

We’re passionate about our work and our co-workers.

At ReVision, dedication to craft and excellence is a must. We go above and beyond for our customers, for our communities, and for each other. This commitment to passion is why we became an employee-owned B Corp, and why we create growth opportunities for our workers, such as the Electrical Apprenticeship.

It is also why folks who come to ReVision to find work stay because they found a purpose – whether they work on rooftops or in one of our offices or at home!

Don’t just take it from us! Here’s what our employee-owners have to say:

“This isn’t just a job. I feel like I have a meaningful life because of this company. I am proud to work here.”

“ReVision has a great attitude towards using people’s talents and fostering what people are interested in and passionate about…as a trades person, you’re not going to get that anywhere else.”

“It’s really cool to wake up every day and be excited to go to work. Everyone that works at ReVision is awesome; we’re all here for the same reason and I think that our mission and values support all of us in this endeavor.”


Meet our Team: Video Stories

Hear from ReVision Energy employee-owners about their different careers in the solar industry.

Are you ready to find purposeful work in the solar industry? Does ReVision sound like the place for you? Check out our available positions to apply.