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New Hampshire Homeowner Shuts Down Boiler with Solar Hot Water

Friday, May 18th, 2012

Bedford, New Hampshire - Solar Hot WaterLike many homeowners these days, Dean of Bedford, New Hampshire is working to get control of his heating bills and reduce his home’s dependency on oil. His first step was an upgrade to a System 2000 boiler – a high efficiency boiler that uses about 22% less oil than his previous boiler. Even with a bump in performance, he was unsatisfied that he needed to turn on his heating system in the middle of summer for water heating (using up to a gallon a day of oil), and so started looking at what solar thermal could do for him.

While heating water with oil is not a terrible solution in wintertime, when the heating system is already running, in the summer it’s expensive to burn fossil fuel when there is ample sunshine available. A solar thermal system will provide nearly 100% of a home’s hot water needs from May to October, bridging the gap between the heating seasons. Pairing solar hot water with an efficient boiler like the System 2000 nets perhaps the best possible heating system with oil as a fuel. In Dean’s case, this should result in a savings of around 100 gallons of oil a year; for homes with less efficient boilers, savings are closer to 200-300 gallons a year.

Going Solar

Dean raves of the installation, “The install looks great and [your installers] did such a great job putting the attic back together that I can hardly tell anyone had to disturb any of the new insulation. I have been burned by so many contractors lately that I never expect anything to go as smoothly as this crew was able to accomplish on this job. Your crew impressed me with their attention to detail and their promptness. It was a very pleasant surprise.”

Since installing the system in mid-April, Dean reports his boiler water heating time has dropped by about 75%! “I have already talked to 2 neighbors that are interested in solar, as well as a couple of people at work. Everyone wants to know how it will work out! Although I know we need rain, I’m looking forward to the sun more than ever. Let’s hope it rains at night and is sunny during the day.”

Both New Hampshire and Maine still have strong solar hot water rebates – New Hampshire offers a $1,500 state rebate and Maine’s was recently raised from $1,000 to an average of $1,800. Contact us for more details.

Meg Simone’s Solar Project “Greens” in the New Year

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Meg Simone is known for creating timeless wedding films at New England’s most gorgeous destinations. Her home post-production studio is where precious moments come to be – thanks to a fair amount of electricity! Making her operation a little greener this year is a pole-mounted 3.7kw photovoltaic sstem installed be ReVision Energy just in time for the holidays.

Meg shares her enthusiasm for the system in this quick video:

Seasons Greenings From Meg Simone Wedding Films from meg simone on Vimeo.

We touched based with Meg to ask her about the process and what she likes about the new system:

When we built our house we put in a evacuated tube solar hot water system with ReVision. We know there are other options out there for solar installers but we love the personal attention, ease of install (thanks Jen for taking care of the paperwork) and customer service that stands behind the product. The vast experience from the team at ReVision is unmatched. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can read their bios!

We had wanted to add solar electricity for a long time, and finally the incentives and rebates afforded us the opportunity. ReVision made my life easy and this process FUN. The guys are so friendly we told them to come in for lunch on the 2nd day of the install! In fact, the team is so friendly and personal it feels like a friend has helped install this not just a business.

We love seeing how much power the system makes each day. It’s a good feeling to know that the sun can power our at-home businesses and reduce our carbon footprint.

See some more photos of the installation on our Facebook page, courtesy of Meg:

Solar Hot Water Turns Oil Boiler Into Backup Unit for Bow, NH homeowners

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
Solar Hot Water System Bow, NH
The solar hot water system for Bow-based homeowners Gail and Leon Kenison allows them to use their oil boiler for backup only, with a wood stove for primary heating.

We had a chance to speak with Gail Kenison, a homeowner in Bow, New Hampshire who recently had us install a cost-effective solar hot water system that will essentially keep the boiler off from May to October.

Gail and her husband, Leon, had already cut down oil use in their home dramatically by choosing to heat primarily with wood. In the winter, their oil boiler still served as a source for hot water and backup space heat. But with their boiler running throughout the summer for the sole purpose of heating water, they decided to take the next step and invest in solar hot water.

“We’ve tried to stay in tune with all the renewable energy options, and had wanted to do something for a while,” Gail says, “We learned about solar at a continuing education class, and discovered that solar thermal presented a great solution for our home.”

Solar Hot Water Works

The Kenisons had ReVision Energy install two American-made Chromagen 4×8 flat plate solar hot water collectors and an 80G super insulated dual-coil solar storage tank. Whenever the rooftop collector temperature is hotter than the water at the bottom of the 80-gallon storage tank, a differential temperature controller automatically activates the solar circulating pump, which pumps solar-heated propylene glycol (a sugar water antifreeze solution) down from the collectors and through the bottom heat exchange coil in the tank, thereby transferring the heat from the sun to the water in the tank. The system includes automatic hot water backup from the oil boiler for those times of year when the solar resource is not strong enough to meet 100% of domestic hot water demand.

“The experience has been great so far,” Gail says, “The install team was knowledgeable, very professional, and clearly took the time to do the job right. They made us feel very comfortable with their work and took the extra time to help us understand the system. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

Even as the Kenison’s solar thermal system enters the heating season, it should produce up to half of their household’s hot water. Since they’ll be heating primarily with wood, that means their boiler will only need to run as a backup for both heat and hot water – creating some substantial fuel savings and CO2 reductions!

BREAKING: NH Residential Solar Rebate (PV) is Back

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
Portsmouth, NH - Solar Electric (PV)
A 4kw solar electric system recently installed in Portsmouth, NH with premium Sunpower solar electric modules.

This just in from the NH PUC – the residential solar electric (GTPV) rebate in New Hampshire has returned! The rebate, available for systems under 5kw in capacity, is $1.25 per watt up to a maximum of $4,500 or 50% of the system cost, whichever is less.

Of the $927,964 of funding, $500,000 is already committed to waitlisted projects, so if you want to take advantage of the credit, the time to act is now! Combined with unprecedented solar electric prices (in the $4.5/watt range), grid-tied photovoltaic (GTPV) systems are an incredible deal in New Hampshire.

Here is what a 3.6kw system, enough to make out the rebate, looks like:

$16,200 gross installed cost
-($4,860) 30% federal tax credit
-($4,500) state of NH rebate
$6,840 net investment

This system locks in your electric rate for 20 years at around .06c/kWh!!!  At today’s prices, the system will produce around $750/yr worth of electricity, for a payback of under 10 years.

As half of the funds are already committed, we urge you to act now if you want to take advantage of this generous state incentive.  Contact us to get started with a free evaluation.

Full details on the NH Solar rebate on PUC website:

Time Running Out on NH Solar Hot Water Rebate!

Monday, June 27th, 2011
Durham, New Hampshire - Solar Hot Water and Solar Power
Over the weekend over 20 people came out for our open house at Charles Forcey’s home in Durham, which sports a recently installed solar hot water and solar electric system

As we’ve previously reported, New Hampshire’s solar hot water rebate program has been running low on funds, and we’ve just received word that only 48 spots are left for the $2,000 federal portion of the rebate.

Once these funds are committed, the average $2,600-$2,900 rebate is reduced to $600-900.

With oil prices what they are, and the generous 30% federal tax credit, solar hot water is still an excellent investment, however if you’ve been holding out for a drop in prices — don’t! The rebates will unlikely ever be this good again.

If you’ve talked to us before, or are interested in moving forward on a proposal, please contact us to get moving, and soak up those rays of sun!