Sunshine Sessions

Activities & Adventures with The Ecology School and ReVision Energy

Join The Ecology School and ReVision Energy for virtual summer camp activities this August! Designed for kids age 5-10, these activities will take place on Zoom every Thursday from 9-9:30am. Sign up for all 4 weeks or pick your favorite topics! Led by Educators from The Ecology School and ReVision Energy, these interactive sessions will teach kids about ecology, solar energy, and the natural environment, all while providing fun activities they can easily do at home. There will even be appearances by the elusive Sunsquatch!

Registration required; participation details will be sent out via email before each session. This camp is free of charge and open to all children. All Sessions will feature outdoor time so please test your internet or phone connection while outside!



August 6, Session 1: The ABCs of Ecology

What makes up the cool things in nature that we see when we step outside? Just like reading a book with our ABCs, we can learn to read nature with the ABCs of Ecology! Budding scientists will explore their own backyard in new ways using games like Change Charades and dancing the Water Cycle Boogie. These activities will give your child a fun way to learn about the ABCs of Ecology–Abiotic (non-living), Biotic (living), Change, and Cycles.
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August 13, Session 2: The Beauty & Power of the Sun

Join Sunsquatch to learn all about that giant star in the sky that gives us life – the sun! We’ll be exploring the power of the sun today as everyone makes their own Solar Print artwork. Using found pieces of nature, we’ll show you how to create beautiful prints for you to draw on, or write letters on to mail to your family.
**For this activity everyone will need: fun shapes from nature (flower petals, grass, leaves), a piece of paper, and a sheet of plastic wrap.
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August 20, Session 3: Battle of the Living Dead

Ever wondered how animals survive in the wild? Or how a tree makes food from the sun? Or maybe you’re curious where all those leaves went from that huge pile you raked last fall? During the “Battle of the Living Dead,” explorers will discover the roles producers, consumers and decomposers play in the forest, how they compete with each other to survive, and how they are all dependent on the Sun. Join us as we explore to see who lives in the forest’s “basement,” play a game to experience how animals compete for food through a long Maine winter, and maybe even get to sample some wild edibles.
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August 27, Session 4: Harnessing Solar Energy for Solar S’mores

Today, Sunsquatch will be showing us how to capture the sun’s energy for use in electricity and heating. We’ll explain how solar panels work and then make our own Solar-Heated Ovens. The Solar Ovens demonstrate how you can use a few simple tools to pull the heat in from solar light and use it to cook nachos or s’mores.
**For this activity everyone will need a few materials: a cardboard box (pizza box, cereal box, or shoe box are ideal), clear plastic wrap, tape, scissors, black paper (black cloth or plastic can be substituted), and a meltable food like chocolate or cheese.
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