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We’re proud of the excellent, high quality experiences we provide to our customers, and consistently receive great responses from them. Everyone’s transition to solar is a unique, exciting journey and the feedback from our Solar Champions reflects that:


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David Hoyle

Residential Solar & Battery, North Andover MA I spoke with two other solar companies, and Revision provided much more detailed information and just seemed more experienced and knowledgeable. Every person I interacted with at Revision was professional, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. It was just a great customer service experience end-to-end. I started looking into solar mainly because I was interested in backup power for grid outages. I ended up with a 10 KW DC solar array backed up by two Tesla Powerwalls that provide 26 KWH of backup power. The cost of installing the two Powerwalls was comparable to what I would have spent installing a gas generator and a propane tank, and I would have had to keep buying propane and maintaining the… read more

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Sally Mitchell

New Construction Solar, Sedgwick ME My partner Crispin and I are building a new passive home in Sedgwick and contracted privately with RE for the solar. We are not finished with construction yet, but today the panels began making power so it seemed like the day to send this message.
We could not be more pleased nor satisfied with all of our experiences with the company. To a person, everyone we have interacted with has been professional, respectful, and friendly with excellent communication skills. They all exhibit competence and efficiency, and installation work is precise and clean. I am sure you know how tangled and frustrating construction can be, so to have such a stress-relieving bright spot could not be more welcome…
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Residential Solar, Webster NH I interviewed four companies before selecting ReVision Energy, and I am so glad I did! From the first visit to the last inspection, every member of the entire team—the sales and office staff and the installers—have been highly competent professionals, and each generous with their time and extensive knowledge to help me understand the process, options, permits, paperwork, and the array I selected. ReVision accurately and swiftly made a complicated project very easy for me, and the well-designed array is a jewel on my rooftop. Please extend my sincere thank you to everyone. It truly has been a pleasure to do business with ReVision Energy.

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Paul Lamson-LaPlume

Residential Solar, Portland ME From start to finish we had a positive experience with ReVision Energy for the installation of our solar panels in fall 2020. We had reached out to three solar installers for site visits and quotes: ReVision, InSource Renewables (who are now part of ReVision), and a forgettable third who came for a site visit but never responded to follow-up inquiries. In the end we chose ReVision for the quality of the equipment (REC panels and string inverter vs. micoinverters) and from our experience that confirmed the wealth of other positive reviews you can find on ReVision. Installation of our roof-filling system only took a day. High praise goes to Ben who stayed on site for over an hour… read more