Just wanted to say thank you for a great experience having our new Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, and new Boiler installed this month. From start to finish, Revision Energy has been courteous and professional all the way through the process from Fred answering our questions on initial contact to Will, who came out to evaluate the site, Dan and his crews who came out to install the system, and Jen in the office helping us with the paperwork and getting the rebates it has been a very pleasant experience.

Our new solar systems, have been working great over the past few days, now that we’ve finally had some sun. It was exciting to see our meter running backward, even with the clothes washer, coffee pot, and two computers running, not to mention lights and other miscellaneous electronics. It will certainly help with our electric bills in the coming years. It’s also fun to watch our solar power output in more or less real time online with the web-based Enlighten program offered by Enphase. Our Solar Hot water has been doing great since day one, with the sun generating over 170 F of hot water in the tank, allowing us to utilize the hot water without the use of the boiler. It just takes some getting used to not having the boiler run so often.

Our new boiler, after working out just a few minor adjustments has been running far less than our old boiler, which was sized twice that of what we needed, and it is so quiet that we hardly notice that it is on. Prior to installation, we had an energy audit conducted, and it was helpful in identifying some things that we could do to tighten up the home. The weatherization project cost us about $2,000, but reduced the heat loss in our home considerably (500 cfm during the blower door test). I highly recommend having an audit done even if you don’t install these systems.

People ask us, why did we go green? Our answer is this: It’s simple economics. With the world economy spiraling downward, energy costs rising, and no end in sight to inflated prices, it seemed the most logical thing to do. We figured that it would be better to invest our money in our home rather than in the stock market for a more or less guaranteed return on our investment. With the tax credits available through the Federal Government set at 26% of cost, and State Rebates available through Efficiency Maine, our installation costs were lowered by almost 1/3rd.

We’re hoping to use the money we saved, once we get our taxes filed next year to invest in more PV panels in the future to offset our entire electric bill for the next 40 years or so. Oh, and yes, one added benefit is that we’re also doing our part to help the environment as well.

The people at Revision know their stuff, and fully believe in what they are doing. They take the time to do things right, and if something isn’t quite right, they will work to make it right. I call that great customer service.