Serafin from Wilton, NH

In ‘cold, dreary NH’, how could solar electric be feasible? In fact, it works beautifully. We installed our system in August. Naturally, our generation was greatest in late summer, but what is remarkable is that we generate as much on a good, February day as in August. Read more

Steve from Brentwood, NH

We are really happy about our system and the amounts we are NOT paying to Eversource. Wish it would work better in winter but with all the variables, as Dan pointed out when we started it, we understand , angle of sun, lack of sun (we hate cloudy days now. But overall we are really… Read more

John from Boscawen, NH

I found ReVision Energy to be a very professional company. Their workers arrive on the job at the time scheduled and do very good quality work. All of the equipment has been the latest technology and performed well. I was impressed with their care in working with an old house and finding creative alternatives for working… Read more

Patrick & Beulah Grant – Blue Hill, Maine

Our decision to install solar panels has been one of the best decisions of our 50 year marriage.  We are delighted to be able to say we spend ZERO on electricity and only pay for the service of staying connected to the grid.  Perhaps of more importance, it feels so good to know that we… Read more

The Cornerstone School

This is a thrilling moment for our school. We’ve completely eliminated the building’s dependency on fossil fuel for all of our electricity needs. Read more

Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire

Having a conscious environmental mission signifies that we (students) are living at a place that not only strives each day to live more mindfully, but also actively makes social and financial investments in a manner compassionate to the world and to other people. Read more

Jason from Windham, Maine

We are absolutely in love with our system.  Couldn’t possibly be happier.  Every chance I get to tell people about ReVision Energy I do so.  The quality of your work is evident to anyone I show off the system to, and I am looking forward to many years of hot water powered my electrons from… Read more

Dan from Whitefield, Maine

Regarding installation of our systems, our experience with everybody and everything, from the initial site visit to project completion, was as close to flawless as any human endeavor could be hoped for; thoroughly professional and incredibly competent and complete. But even more, it was so “user-friendly” – everybody was friendly and tremendously accommodating of any… Read more

Heather from Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Our experience with ReVision Energy was 5 star worthy from the beginning to the end of the project. Their sales person was very nice, came out to the house, looked it over and discussed our options. We made a plan and a month later the team came out and did our installation. Our house is… Read more

Sanford Unitarian Universalist Church

I am so proud of the congregation for living their values of sustainability and creating a healthy future for our children by installing solar. This project demonstrates that with creativity, passion and persistence, even a small, committed congregation can actually help change the world. Read more