My husband has been working with ReVision Energy for 10 years now (time flies!) and his experience with this company has quite literally changed our lives. ReVision has provided him with opportunities to learn, grow, and continue to meet and exceed his professional goals. Now as an employee-owner, he also has a unique sense of responsibility and respect for ReVision and its future as a company, motivating him to reach higher and continue to give back to a company that has given him (and us) so much.

Personally, ReVision has been more than a company, they’ve been a family and a community of supportive colleagues and all-around good people who have supported us through our successes and challenges as a family. When we bought our home in Brunswick and installed our solar electric, hot water system, and heat pumps, ReVision colleagues showed up en masse with smiles on their faces and worked tirelessly and professionally to install a high caliber solar system that has allowed us to achieve our goals of fossil fuel energy independence and investing in renewable energy for our future. It has also protected us against the constantly rising costs of grid electricity and oil. Any time we’ve needed assistance with a system (or anything really) ReVision Energy colleagues have been there to help. The support goes both ways: when colleagues need help installing their systems (or other projects), my husband shows up to help them.

This is the kind of company ReVision is: everyone has each other’s backs to ensure that the whole team is successful and that their colleagues are happy. Everyone in the greater ReVision family is working toward a common goal and it’s quite a lofty and attainable one: helping Mainers reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and utilize clean renewable energy, one home and business at a time. I’m always proud to tell my colleagues, friends and networks about my husband’s job and the amazing work the ReVision energy team accomplishes by working hard every day and delivering on their mission.

I also share our experience and encourage others to take whatever steps they can to invest in clean renewable energy to help our planet’s environment and minimize their carbon footprint. People know when you speak to them from a place of genuine truth and heart, it shines through without needing to sell anyone anything, which is the ethos that ReVision embodies in every way. This company and its members have made me profoundly proud of their work, proud of our state, and proud to continue to collectively advocate for a cleaner more sustainable energy future for our planet.