I will say this about ReVision Energy:  Of the various contractor and service personnel I’ve had they are by far the most professional I have ever encountered.  From initial consultation to design, installation and even on my one (minor) service call, they were always polite and attentive.  In an era when service personnel think nothing of arriving late, they always called on approach, cleaned up after themselves on a daily basis and often asked if I had any questions.   In the design phase they were flexible enough to take my suggestion of adding more PV panels by reconfiguring their layout.  Balancing this, they actually advised against a further addition of a whole new section of roof panels as being unnecessary and not cost effective.  In that behavior they acted as a “trusted advisor” – the highest compliment I can give a contractor.  I highly recommend them and have done so with one neighbor plus a friend, both of whom have contracted with ReVision as well.