The Farm at Eastman’s Corner

Sustainability is a part of Eastman’s Corner identity.  We encourage eating local not only to help our neighboring farmers, but also to decrease our carbon footprint.  Farmers are able to locally sell their product which minimizes pollution that comes with shipping.  The solar field that resides on the hillside of the property power the business… Read more

Pilar from Keene, NH

So far the PV system and the HP Water Heater seem to be performing satisfactorily.  We are very pleased with them and with your service.  As we said before, we were impressed by your crews, they were professional, competent, and friendly.  I also very much appreciated your being on top of the details, facilitating the… Read more

Peter and Jackie from Stratham, NH

Bottom line—this has been a sound environmental and financial decision on our part, and I would recommend ReVision to anyone who is thinking about going solar. It has been a great partnership. Read more

Jeff from Concord, NH

Upgrading our home to solar electricity was simple with ReVision Energy’s help. From their knowledgeable field representative and highly professional installation crew to their phenomenal operational support, the entire process has been smooth and easy. Now when we see the plume of smoke from the nearby coal-fired Bow power plant we can feel better knowing that… Read more

Dave from North Hampton, NH

I will say this about ReVision Energy:  Of the various contractor and service personnel I’ve had they are by far the most professional I have ever encountered.  From initial consultation to design, installation and even on my one (minor) service call, they were always polite and attentive.  In an era when service personnel think nothing… Read more

Stephen from Methuen, MA

The crew did an awesome job and I was glad to see the building inspector and electrical inpsector sign off without issue. I continue to tell people at work the great job your company did.  Please use me as a referral resource if you have any inquiries within the Merrimack Valley area of MA. Read more

Serafin from Wilton, NH

In ‘cold, dreary NH’, how could solar electric be feasible? In fact, it works beautifully. We installed our system in August. Naturally, our generation was greatest in late summer, but what is remarkable is that we generate as much on a good, February day as in August. Read more

Steve from Brentwood, NH

We are really happy about our system and the amounts we are NOT paying to Eversource. Wish it would work better in winter but with all the variables, as Dan pointed out when we started it, we understand , angle of sun, lack of sun (we hate cloudy days now. But overall we are really… Read more

John from Boscawen, NH

I found ReVision Energy to be a very professional company. Their workers arrive on the job at the time scheduled and do very good quality work. All of the equipment has been the latest technology and performed well. I was impressed with their care in working with an old house and finding creative alternatives for working… Read more

Patrick & Beulah Grant – Blue Hill, Maine

Our decision to install solar panels has been one of the best decisions of our 50 year marriage.  We are delighted to be able to say we spend ZERO on electricity and only pay for the service of staying connected to the grid.  Perhaps of more importance, it feels so good to know that we… Read more