Sam was born and raised in central Maine, where he developed a love for outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, swimming and kayaking as well as team sports such as soccer and basketball. His father, an engineer for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, taught him the value of our planet and the importance of minimizing our impact on it.

Sam’s environmentalist roots continued to grow as he moved to Vermont to study economics at the University of Vermont. Sam spent a summer as an intern building a carbon footprint for a business that was trying to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, wrote a number of articles in the campus newspaper related to climate change, and wrote a thesis related to the impact of various businesses on the environment and how environmental externatilities could be included in the price of goods through government regulation.

After graduating from college, Sam moved to the New York City metro area where he worked for a solar integrator for 5 years in finance and business operations before deciding to move back closer to his roots in Maine. He currently works to manage the complex world of solar power purchase agreements, organizing pro forma agreements, billing, and contract presentation and negotiation with leading environmentally-minded institutions throughout the Northeast.