Jen Albee

Born in Portland and raised in Jefferson, Jen is a seventh-generation Mainer! A love of the environment started early with her first job harvesting vegetables at an organic farm in Jefferson and selling them at a small farm market in Round Pond. Jen is a graduate of High Mowing School in Wilton, NH, a Waldorf boarding high school, and Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass.

Since joining ReVision in 2009, Jen has managed the office and marketing efforts at our Liberty, Maine branch. Generally speaking, she’s your go-to girl for everything solar!

Jen enjoys sailing aboard her 35’ cutter Sea Pea, growing flowers, hosting Friday night homemade pizza dinners, and watching BBC dramas/miniseries. Bliss is a glass of red wine and a good book, or outdoor pursuits such as a morning kayak on Damariscotta Lake or exploring the many paths and preserves in mid-coast Maine. She’s been married to ReVision engineer Hans Albee since 2007 and hopes to one day travel to Norway and Ireland. They live with their son Turner in Brooks, ME.

energy system photo

Jennifer Jackson Albee's Energy System

In 2010, Jen and her husband Hans installed a 40-evacuated tube solar hot water system to supplement their Rinnai on-demand propane hot water heater. In addition to solar hot water, extensive insulation efforts and a Mitsubishi air source heat pump, they have an 11-kilowatt grid-tied solar electric array with a Pika Energy inverter and Coral Smart Battery storage.