James HasselbeckJoining ReVision Energy’s Exeter office in 2013 is James Hasselbeck, an Aussie native who’s been living in New England since 1987.

The University of Vermont grad (double major Sociology and English) cut his teeth writing for B2B magazines, starting the “Energy Today” national publication, and writing about renewable energy for AltEStore and other outlets. After writing about solar for so long, James decided to get in the business end of solar, starting with Waterline Alternative Energies in 2008 as a solar designer and project manager.

With Waterline, James developed numerous solar projects throughout the region including a 600+kw installation in 2012; he project-managed the largest PV install in NH (at the time) for the city of North Conway. He holds a NABCEP PV Installer Certification. Today he oversees operations of our rapidly growing Exeter, New Hampshire branch, (over 750kw of PV work and 125 individual projects in 2014).

Outside of solar James loves to play, be that skiing (former sponsored freestyle skier), sailing (small 14′ Apollo), hiking or the joys of home vegetable gardening. He and his wife Stephanie live with their daughter Hayden and son James in a post and beam passive solar home in Kingston, NH. He heats with wood pellets and a woodstove with locally harvested wood, and recently installed a solar photovoltaic array, making his home near net-zero.

energy system photo

James Hasselbeck's Energy System

James recently installed a 5.2 kW solar electric array with several different module manufactures to see how they stack up against each other.  This unique set-up uses Enphase module-level data monitoring, so that each panel’s performance can be compared against a similar module (same rated output but different brands).  Beyond being a fun experiment, the system will generate 110% of his household’s electricity, helping them achieve net zero consumption.