Fortunat MuellerAs co-founder and managing partner of ReVision Energy, Fortunat’s responsibilities include oversight of design, engineering, and operations for residential and commercial applications in both Maine and New Hampshire.  Fortunat received both his Masters and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brown University and is a licensed Professional Engineer.  He serves on the Board of Directors for the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals (MABEP) and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA). Before co-founding Renewable Energy Contractors in 2006 and then ReVision Energy in 2008, Fortunat was a project manager and senior systems engineer at United Technologies Fuel Cells in Hartford, Connecticut.

energy system photo

Fortunat Mueller, P.E.'s Energy System

Fortunat’s home sports a 2.7kw grid-tied solar electric system, consisting of 12 SunPower SPR225 modules and a SPR3000x inverter. He aggressively monitors his home’s energy use with a TED meter and has reduced his energy loads so much that he expects the solar electric system to provide 100% of his electric needs.

He also has an Apricus AP60 solar hot water system. In the rare occasions when the solar system needs backup, he has a Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence boiler which serves both as an on demand water heater and as a backup heater. He heats primarily with a Hampton wood stove.