Dan was born in Washington, DC but grew up in Marlborough, MA. Always into life outdoors, Dan has an activity for every season and enjoys everything New England has to offer. His interest in green energy started while at University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a BS in Building and Construction Technology. It was during a class on LEED certified buildings that Dan decided the solar industry was clearly the way of the future.

After school, Dan lived on Lake Keowee in upstate South Carolina, and traveled throughout the southeast learning how to wakeboard. He also became a fan of Clemson football. After moving back to Massachusetts, he worked in the solar industry for 4 years as a site visit technician before joining the ReVision Energy team. Dan was attracted to ReVision Energy as a company because of the dedication to quality and level of commitment by the employees that he saw here.

When not climbing around on roofs and planning out system installs, you can find Dan snowboarding, living a lake life, canoeing down a river, dirt biking, finding somewhere new and fun in New England and generally having a good time.