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First Parish Arlington - A Sunbug Solar Project | Framingham MA


First Parish in Framingham had been considering installing PV panels for over a decade. They wanted to demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy and save money. The two stumbling blocks were the upfront costs and getting approval from their local Historic District Commission. Through a 10-year PPA agreement, the church was not required to pay any initial capital costs, which will save them money during the lease period and close to all of their electricity costs when they purchase the system at the end of the agreement. With assistance from Sunbug, the parish was able to get approval from the Historic District Commission.

"We have had an excellent experience with Sunbug Solar. They did a great job installing the panels on our parish house roof and the electrical equipment in our furnace room. They have provided consistently good service." - Larry Decker

Project Stats:
  1. $0.12 kWh equivalent electricity price with PPA.
  2. 612 metric tons of CO2 offset over the course of 30 years.
  3. 50,276 kWh produced in the first year.