Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer

Quality installation for reliable battery backup.

Since 2017, ReVision Energy has been a Certified Powerwall Installer, the solar-powered battery system that allows you to store solar energy generated during the day for use any time. During the day, the sun shines on your solar panels, charging your battery. At night, your home draws electricity from your battery, powering your home with clean, sustainable energy 24/7.

tesla-powerwall-demand-response-program-massachusetts-revision-energy.jpegWhen combined with solar energy, the Tesla Powerwall system enables you to use the free, abundant power of the sun to reduce your reliance on the grid, and fossil fuels. We offer Tesla Powerwall across our geographic region of MaineNew Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Installing Powerwall with ReVision Energy is easy. As New England's #1 solar installer we take care of everything from system design, permitting, installation, financing, and 24/7/365 customer service.

Powerwalls can provide a number of benefits:

  1. Increasing self-consumption of solar power generationPowerwall can store surplus solar energy during daylight hours and use that energy later when the sun is not shining.
  2. Load shiftingPowerwall can charge during low rate periods when demand for electricity is lower and discharge during more expensive rate periods when electricity demand is higher.
  3. Back-up powerAssures power in the event of a grid outage.

Why Choose ReVision as your Battery Installer?

ReVision Energy is an employee-owned solar company with as many years experience installing battery backups as we have installing solar. We offer high-quality, long-term customer service to guarantee your heat pump system runs efficiently for the entirety of its lifetime. 

We're a Certified B Corp, and with every person at ReVision Energy working as an employee-owner, we can guarantee that our service and customer support is of the highest caliber. We install and maintain our systems to perform at the highest level for the full length of their lifespan, so you and your family can enjoy the comfort and security of solar and home battery back up.