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Mashpee Commons Carport - A Sunbug Solar Project | Mashpee MA

mashpee carport installation 4.jpg

The Mashpee Commons carport stands out due to its meticulous attention to detail. The designers placed great emphasis on enhancing the shopping and tenant experience by prioritizing efficient wastewater and snow management systems. A comprehensive underdecking system channels water to designated downspouts, ensuring its directed flow into existing storm basins on the property.

The dual tilt design of the carport collects and retains snow at the center of the canopy, preventing any potential hazards from snow sliding off onto the parking lot and vehicles. Furthermore, the carport features fully integrated lighting, ensuring optimal visibility during nighttime hours. Additionally, the canopy’s shade provides valuable relief, keeping vehicles cooler during the summer months. This comprehensive approach demonstrates a commitment to both functionality and comfort.

mashpee carport installation 3.jpg

Mashpee carport installation 2.jpg

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