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2022 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Rebates & Incentives

Updated: January 2022

EV & EV Charging Incentives & Resources

Federal Tax Credits

The federal EV & EV charging tax credits for residential and commercial customers was extended at the end of 2020. All-electric and plug-in hybrid cars may be eligible for a federal income tax credit of up to $7,500, depending on the manufacturer. Currently not applicable to Tesla and GM, however the credit is likely to be re-upped for them in 2022. There is also an electric motorcycle tax credit of up to $2,500.

There is a federal EV charging tax credit of 30% on hardware/installation costs capped at $1000 for residential and $100k for commercial. We are awaiting additional guidance from the Treasury to better clarify the eligibility of projects for the full credit. 

Residential State Specific Incentives

Use the links below to search incentives in your state, or keep reading to explore Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts' programs:

Alternative Fuels Data Center: State by State EV Laws & Incentives

Plug In America: State & Federal EV Incentives


Efficiency Maine EV Charging & Vehicle Incentives

Efficiency MaineEfficiency Maine offers instant and mail-in rebates to Maine residents, businesses, government entities, and tribal governments for qualifying battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

The Efficiency Maine EV Smart Charge Pilot offers a discount on a smart Level 2 EV charger, giving you the opportunity to earn additional rebates for charging during off-peak hours. The program is limited to the first 100 participants who install and connect their charger on or before January 31, 2021. It also offers up to $4k per port with a four port minimum that can apply to both hardware and installation.

These programs have received additional funding and are expected to reopen their application process soon. For full details on these incentives visit Efficiency Maine's EV Accelerator website .

New Hampshire

NHEC Charging & Vehicle Incentives New

Hampshire Electric Co-op (NHEC) offers rebates for eligible residential members who purchase or lease an electric vehicle (BEV or PHEV) or electric motorcycle (EM).

Rebates of up to $600 for PHEVs and up to $1000 for BEVs are available. NHEC also offers charging station rebates through their Residential Off-Peak Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program.

For full details visit NHEC's Drive Electric website .


Eversource EV Charging IncentivesEversource EV Charging Incentives

Eversource offers to manage and cover all the related cost of the implementation of the infrastructure that will connect to their customers' chargers. Customers cover the cost of purchasing and installing the charging station(s).

For full details visit Eversource's Residential EV Charging website .

National Grid EV Charging Incentives

For full details on the National Grid's Massachusetts Electric Transportation's programs and rebates, visit the National Grid website .

MOR-EV Vehicle Incentives

The Massachusetts Offers Rebates for Electric Vehicles (MOR-EV) program provides rebates of up to $2,500 for the purchase or lease of battery electric vehicles and fuel-cell electric vehicles (BEVs) and up to $1,500 for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

For full details and the rebate application visit the MORE-EV program website .

Commercial State Specific Incentives


Efficiency Maine EV & Charging Incentives

01_EfficiencyMaine_logo_primary.pngEfficiency Maine has a three phase program to expand EV access and charging infrastructure in Maine, including charging infrastructure incentives and vehicle rebates.

For full details visit Efficiency Maine's EV Initiative website .

CMP EV Charging Incentives

Central Maine Power (CMP) offers an EV charging station pilot program, through which they help subsidize the cost of EV charging infrastructure. The program provides $4,000 per port with a four port minimum, which can be applied to installation costs.

For full details and the application process visit CMP's EV Charging Program website .

A Climate to Thrive EV Charging Incentives

EV Charging Incentives MaineA Climate to Thrive (ACTT), located in the Downeast region, has funds available to pay for the installation of publicly-accessible EV charging sites. ACTT will award grants of up to $5,000 to enable municipalities, non-profits, schools and businesses to purchase and install public EV chargers. Interested host sites can apply for ACTT grants to cover the cost of charging equipment and installation.

For full details and the application process visit their website .

New Hampshire

EV Charging Incentives through NHEC

NHEC offers incentives for the installation of new electric vehicle charging stations to NHEC commercial and municipal members. Install up to two Level 2 or larger charging stations and qualify for an incentive of 50% of installed cost up to $2,500, eligible twice per year.

For full details visit NHEC's Commercial Charging website .


MassEVIP EV Charging & Vehicle Incentives

The Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (MassEVIP) provides several financing and incentives options for workplace charging, commercial fleet charging, and multi-unit dwellings. The MassEVIP offers charging infrastructure grants up to $50,000 to eligible workplaces, as well as grants for the purchase of lease of qualified PEVs and EV supply equipment for public fleets. For multi-unit dwelling, MassEVIP offers grants for 60% of the cost of Level 1 or Level 2 charging equipment installed at MUDs, up to $50,000.

For full details and application information visit MassEVIP's Workplace & Fleet Charging website .

Eversource EV Charging Incentives

Eversource is offering to manage and cover all the related cost of the implementation of the infrastructure that will connect to their customers' chargers. This includes, but is not limited to trenching, a transformer (if deemed necessary), a dedicated service meter, panel(s) and all conduits and necessary wiring to support the approved number of charging stations. Infrastructure for up to ten Level 2 chargers can be put in place.

For full details visit Eversource's Business EV & EV Charging Stations website .

National Grid EV Charging Incentives

National Grid EV Charging IncentivesNational Grid's Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Charging program will fund up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure and charging station equipment costs . The Level 2 charging station rebate for a multi-unit dwelling is up to 75%.

For full details visit National Grid's Business EV Charging Incentive website .