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Notes from a Summer Intern: Ben Joslin

This blog post was written by our Digital Marketing intern, Ben Joslin.

As the summer sun blazed overhead, I pulled into the ReVision Energy parking lot for my first day as an intern. I felt a blend of nerves and excitement. I told myself this is all part of starting something new; no one ever feels completely ready to make that jump to the next opportunity, right? Looking back upon this first day, and how much I’ve learned and grown since then, it feels silly to think that I was so apprehensive. But that's the beauty of new beginnings; they challenge us, push us out of our comfort zones, and propel us into a world of unknowns.

ben ev.pngIt's a testament to the nurturing environment of ReVision that within weeks, that anxiety I experienced on my first day morphed into confidence, a sense of belonging, and an eagerness to contribute. The South Portland ReVision Energy homebase shifted my perceptions and ignited a passion for renewable energy.

Before diving into this world, I’ll admit my understanding of solar energy was misconstrued. I assumed it was a niche, only pursued by an environmentally conscious minority. I was wrong. I quickly realized that all different kinds of people pursue solar for a plethora of reasons. Some homeowners want greater independence from utilities and fossil fuels, some want battery storage to make their home more resilient in power outages, some are looking to lock in a fixed energy rate, and some are striving for home improvements to increase value and comfort.

Real Teamwork

Transitioning from the restaurant industry and its characteristic kitchen tensions, I stepped into ReVision mostly hoping for less yelling in the workplace. What greeted me was a vibrant and collaborative environment. The company's essence - emphasizing teamwork, support, and shared knowledge - was striking. 

ben intern at work.pngMy summer with the marketing team, characterized by laughter, dedication, and positivity, made each day interesting and worthwhile. At ReVision, teams prioritize growing together, celebrating achievements, and setting the bar higher. 

I was able to witness firsthand how the concept and practice of an employee-owned company is a model that encourages motivation and collaboration. At ReVision, no two days were alike, with varied meetings and projects making each day dynamic. The ever-evolving nature of the industry made my digital marketing role continuously interesting.

Crucial Climate Education

Sunsquatch McAuliffe.pngAnd then there were those little magical moments – visiting summer camps with the education team, witnessing the sheer thrill in kids’ eyes as they watched a toy car powered by solar panels come alive under the beam of a flashlight. These experiences highlighted the bigger picture of the impact of renewables. This internship was more than just a summer gig; it was an experience that honed my career aspirations.

The urgency of the climate crisis, coupled with the huge potential of renewables, has cemented my desire to stay in the solar industry. As the summer comes to a close, I’m grateful for the experiences and insights I’ve gathered. I’m grateful for the opportunity to do a deep dive into an industry that's shaping our future.

Thank you to ReVision for making me feel right at home. While this chapter might be ending, the lessons and relationships will carry on. The future looks bright, and no, that's not just a solar pun.