Solar Champion Stories

From Solar-Powered Farm to Solar-Powered Home

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, ReVision’s North Andover team would volunteer at the HERB FARMacy in Salisbury, MA, where we installed a 37-panel rooftop solar array. We worked closely with owners Brooke and Rita, and often included their herbs in raffle baskets and post-installation gift packs. So it was bittersweet when we learned in 2021 that HERB FARMacy had sold; it would soon become Anything Grows, another great farm run by equally passionate, eco-minded farmers Rijk and Maura. Brooke and Rita moved down the coast to Rockport, and soon gave us a call – they wanted to install solar on their new home!

Selling a Solar-Powered Business

Brooke Finn Farm Solar.jpegBrooke and Rita initially wanted solar at their farm because it would provide stable cost savings on their substantial electric bill. It also was consistent with the environmental values behind their Certified Organic Farm. They took advantage of some grants – including the USDA’s REAP grant – and had already nearly broken even on the project by the time they decided to sell the business and property.

"We loved the solar,” says Brooke. “From a performance standpoint, we were able to significantly cut our electric bill. The financial ROI on it was just great.” In selling the business, the solar was appealing because it had been so financially sustainable. The incoming farmers appreciated the value that the solar provided, and the environmental alignment; like HERB FARMacy, Anything Grows Farm is Certified Organic and interested in decreasing their environmental impact.

New Home, New Solar

When looking for a new home, Brooke and Rita were committed to two things: staying local, and putting solar on whatever house they bought. In 2023 they worked with ReVision once again and we installed a 12 kW system on their Rockport home.

brooke rita rockport solar.jpeg"We just love the service we’ve gotten with ReVision, and the end product,” says Brooke. "We knew we didn’t have any problems with the first system, there was consistently great performance and great service. And I knew that if there were any issues in the future, you guys would respond.” Although the system was only installed a few months ago, Brooke says they’ve already received their first 'zero' electric bill, and the system has been "absolutely cranking" this spring.

For the future, they’re considering air source heat pumps and an EV charger, but are focused right now on converting their lawn to a native garden, planting over 2000 native flowering plants and shrubs and working with groups like Wild Seed Project and Grow Native Massachusetts.

So nice they chose us twice!

It’s a mark of a true Solar Champion to go solar not only once, but twice. Solar technologies, including solar arrays, electric vehicles, heat pumps, and battery storage, often need to be experienced first-hand to create true "champions," who will then relay the systems’ benefits to others. People like Brooke and Rita, who have experienced solar in two different set-ups, in two different areas, are crucial to the clean energy transition, and we’re so glad they chose us as their solar installer both times.

Brooke Finn Solar Farm 1.jpeg"You guys are the best," explains Rita. “We ran a business, we know what that’s like. The whole experience was very positive for us, both at the HERB FARMacy and here in Rockport. It’s a combination of good upfront customer service, knowing what to expect, and super communication. The crews do what they’re going to do, they show up when they say they’re going to show up. And ReVision is employee-owned, and that is really valuable to us. The B Corp Certification is as well.”

Brooke and Rita have told their new neighbors about the benefits of solar and know it has already significantly increased their property value in Rockport.

“It's the most pain-free thing you can do for the environment. Once it’s up, you don’t have to think about it. You get an electric bill and it’s zero! It’s such a no-brainer!”

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