Solar Champion Stories

Camden Joins Midcoast Solar Movement

The Town of Camden's first municipal solar photovoltaic array began generating power on January 3 at noon. The 122.85 kW array is anticipated to offset an estimated 159,000-kilowatt hours of electrical energy used by the Town per year.

ReVision Energy's Liberty branch crew braved frigid temperatures late in December to help complete ReVision's installation by their promised deadline of December 31. In the above photo, Justin Milliken and Andrew Lesko put the finishing touches on the ground-mounted array, consisting of 351 solar panels.

Members of the Town's Energy and Sustainability Committee helped launch and coordinate this initiative and, along with converting downtown streetlights to LED, Camden is making considerable strides toward reducing its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Through a power purchase agreement with the Town of Camden, ReVision owns the panels and is responsible for installation and maintenance costs. Camden is receiving low-priced electricity from the sun, and after seven years the Town will be able to purchase the solar panels from ReVision at a discounted rate.