Solar Champion Stories

Barrett Miles Uses Solar Loan to Power his Energy Independence

Barrett and his fiancee moved into their first home, in Dover, NH, and with the help of ReVision Energy and Mosaic, an innovative company that makes home improvement financing accessible and affordable for homeowners, they have installed solar power and a heat pump water heater, and plan to add heat pumps, too.

Also an employee at Mosaic, Barrett spoke with them for a blog feature , and described how pleased he was with ReVision's efficient installation:

Barrett Miles"It was a two day install for a 4.57 kW system - 15 LG NeON solar panels in all. The crew showed up on Monday, very low key - it wasn't invasive at all, they were primarily on the outside of the home, on the roof, and in the basement, so I was actually able to continue working from home for that period of time. They got all the racking and the flashing and the inverter and the wiring done on day one, then on day two they came back, installed the panels themselves, and completed wiring.

And that was it - two days, and everything was up. The system got inspected, passed inspection, and now I'm just waiting for the utility company to swap my meter. And when they do, I'll be able to turn this thing on, get clean energy on my roof, and monitor everything from the palm of my hand with my phone!"