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Buying a Home with Solar Panels
Buying a home with solar panels already installed is a smart investment. Here are some things to consider before putting in your offer.

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How Partially Offsetting Your Electric Bill Still Saves You Money
Investing in solar saves money and contributes to a sustainable future, even with less than 100% offset on your electricity bills. Explore the long-term financial and environmental benefits of partial-offset solar solutions.
Achieving Home Energy Independence
Home energy independence can be achieved through solar and home electrification, offering financial benefits, increased resilience, and a positive environmental impact. Learn about the steps you can take to achieve energy independence and contribute to a sustainable future.
Understanding Solar Payback Period
Learn about your solar payback period - the amount of time it takes for you to “break even” on your solar investment. Our guide walks you through the calculations, implications, and how it can help determine the long-term value of your solar project.
Solar for Developers
What Developers Should Consider About Solar
Going Solar in Massachusetts: Not Always Easy But Always Worth It
There are factors that Massachusetts residents need to consider when calculating their solar payback period, which can often take longer than their neighbors in New Hampshire and Maine. Learn why solar payback periods are longer for some and why it's still worth it to go solar in Massachusetts.
Solar Energy Increases the Value of Your Home
Solar energy increases your home's resale value by up to 7%.
Solar is a Resilient Investment Against Inflation
Investing in solar energy is not only a way to combat the adverse effects of inflation but also a smart financial decision. Unlike stock investments or a savings account, money spent on solar is guaranteed to have a strong ROI and climb in value, even during inflation.
Solar Winter: Why Panels are More Efficient in Colder Temperatures
Explore why solar cells are more efficient in colder temperatures.