Nick Sampson

PPA Relationship Manager

Nick grew up on the coast of Southern Maine. Through frequent family trips spent camping, hiking, fishing and skiing he developed a love for the state and the outdoors. Nick attended Bates College where he majored in environmental studies and economics, and was able to further his exploration of Maine.

Driven by his passion for fishing and skiing, Nick headed west after school. During his summer seasons, he worked as a fly fishing guide in Alaska's Bristol Bay region. Nick spent the majority of his winter seasons in Aspen, Colorado working for an environmental education organization. Aspen expanded Nick's exposure to the problems of climate change, as well as several energy efficiency and renewable energy programs the area was using to reduce its carbon emissions. Through this exposure, Nick developed a strong passion for this field. He furthered his interest in renewables and energy efficiency while working for Maine Huts and Trails at the organization's Flagstaff Lake Hut. There he had the opportunity to teach visitors about the hut's extensive solar array and other sustainable energy systems.

As a Solar PPA Relationship Manager, Nick works with local schools, towns, and other non-profit organizations to help them save on their energy expenses and carbon emissions through solar energy and advantageous financing partnerships.