Solar Development in Freeport, MaineCalculate Your Solar Panel Savings

Wonder how much money solar will save you? Try out our easy and helpful tool. Simply put in your address and electric bill; we’ll look up the cost for electricity in your area and show you a solar array that will meet your needs, along with ballpark pricing info. Enter your name and email if you want to hear from our team about how to put solar to work for you!

Due to health considerations of Covid-19, we now offer virtual site visits, where we can analyze your home’s potential for solar without needing to visit your home.

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Why Solar Panels Make Sense for a Home

Check out our Why Go Solar? guide for a deep dive into the top reasons to go solar.

Our Solar Calculator comes up with a rough estimate of the number panels you’ll need based on:

  • Your monthly electric bill. Our tool takes your monthly electric bill in dollars, and divides it by the current average price for electricity, to get the number of kilowatt-hours of electricity you need each month.
  • The production of a solar panel. In our region, a 1kw of solar panel array will produce roughly 1,200 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year. The average size of a solar panel in 2019 is 315 watts. So, say you have a $100/month electric bill and live in Southern Maine, where the average rate for electricity is 16-cents per kilowatt-hour. 100/0.16 = 625 * 12 = 7,500 kilowatt-hours needed each year. 7,500kWh / 1,200kWh/yr = 6.25 kw solar array.
  • Technical sizing of a solar panels. In the above example, due to math there is not actually a 6.25 kilowatt solar array. So our tool does some rounding based on actual solar panel systems, with pricing pulled from average system sizes installed over the last year. Your actual results may vary. For example, if your roof is not ideally oriented, or you have shade trees in the yard, that will reduce a solar panel’s performance.

The financial savings calculator!

Most of our customers are choosing to finance-to-own their solar panel system. Our tool conveniently chooses the most common finance option (15 year 3.99% fixed loan) to give you a rough idea of what it will cost you to finance solar. Still, this is only part of the picture! Most of the time our customers pair a solar array with improvements such as a heat pump and heat pump water heater to eliminate fossil fuels in their home, accelerating the return on investment of their solar panel array.