Rooftop solar array at Cascon, Inc's Yarmouth, ME business office.



93 panels on the roof of Cascon, Inc’s business office will generate roughly 34,070 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity every year, offsetting the equivalent of over 58,900 miles driven in a gas-powered car. Cascon’s 27.9 kilowatt array will help them reduce electricity costs and give them an advantage in a competitive manufacturing industry, while also increasing… Read more

Rooftop solar array at Classic Boat Shop in Bernard, ME

Classic Boat Shop – Bernard, ME


Since July of 2017, Classic Boat Shop of Bernard, ME has been generating 90% of their electricity from a 34.8 kilowatt solar array on the roof of their facilities. The 116-panel array generates roughly 38,232 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to offset the equivalent of driving over 69,900 miles in gas-powered car. Classic Boat Shop… Read more

Ground mount solar array at Chamberlain Machine in Walpole, NH

Chamberlain Machine – Walpole, NH


A 400-panel solar array at Chamberlain Machine in Walpole, NH underscores their commitment to innovation and respect for people and the environment. Each year, the 132 kilowatt grid-tied array will generate roughly 167,700 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of driving over 305,800 miles in a gas-powered car. Chamberlain Machine has also committed to… Read more

Rooftop solar array at UFP Technologies Headquarters in Newburyport, MA

UFP Technologies – Newburyport, MA

864 solar panels on the roof of UFP Technologies produce electricity to power their Newburyport, MA-based headquarters and boost their sustainability. Their 263.52 kilowatt solar array was installed in March of 2018 and will generate roughly 306,346 kilowatt-hours of electricity every year, offsetting the equivalent of driving over 558,750 miles in a gas-powered car. Commitment… Read more

Infinite Imaging

A brighter work environment, ideal aesthetics, and increased sustainability are the results of Infinite Imaging’s installation of 99 new LED lighting fixtures installed in their Portsmouth, NH location. The print and graphics shop replaced their old fluorescent lighting in April of 2018. Their new lighting reduces their electrical demand by over 10,000 kilowatt-hours per year,… Read more

wire belt and revision solar

Wire Belt Company of America – Londonderry, New Hampshire

With two solar hot water systems and a 274-kilowatt solar array, solar energy is an integral part of Wire Belt Company of America’s dedication to sustainability and energy cost reduction in domestic manufacturing industry. At the time of its initial installation, Wire Belt’s 100-kilowatt array was the largest in the state. Over the years, two… Read more

GrandyOats – Hiram, Maine

GRANDYOATS IS MAINE’S FIRST SOLAR-POWERED GRANOLA COMPANY To attract new customers and connect more deeply with the rapidly growing community of people who love their delicious organic granola, GrandyOats is powering its Hiram, Maine-based manufacturing facility with 288 solar panels mounted just outside their back door. “Our goal was to build the first solar-powered granola… Read more

Pika Energy – Westbrook, Maine

Our partnership efforts with Pika Energy continue, the latest installment being the installation of an 8-panel PV array on their renewable tech manufacturing facility in Westbrook. In addition to supplying power, the PV array will be used to test out Pika’s next-generation power electronics, such as a rapid shutdown-compliant solar string optimizer and a Tesla Powerwall-ready,… Read more