Infinite Imaging

An LED retrofit at Infinite Imaging in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. By reducing annual electricity consumption for lighting load by roughly 50%, and reducing need to replace light fixtures, the project will save Infinite Imagining close to $25,000 over 15 years. In addition, the lighting quality is superior to traditional light fixtures. Read more

wire belt and revision solar

Wire Belt Company of America – Londonderry, New Hampshire

With two solar hot water systems and a 274-kilowatt solar array, solar energy is an integral part of Wire Belt Company of America’s dedication to sustainability and energy cost reduction in domestic manufacturing industry. At the time of its initial installation, Wire Belt’s 100-kilowatt array was the largest in the state. Over the years, two… Read more

revision energy solar workers

GrandyOats – Hiram, Maine

An 80.64kW solar energy system installed for Grandy Oats in Hiram, Maine. GrandyOats is an organic foods company provided certified organic and kosher foods including granolas, trail mix, roasted nuts, hot cereal and more. Their new facility will be Maine’s first 100% solar-powered net zero food production facility, encompassing all areas of the facility from… Read more

pika energy solar pv

Pika Energy – Westbrook, Maine

Our partnership efforts with Pika Energy continue, the latest installment being the installation of an 8-panel PV array on their renewable tech manufacturing facility in Westbrook. In addition to supplying power, the PV array will be used to test out Pika’s next-generation power electronics, such as a rapid shutdown-compliant solar string optimizer and a Tesla Powerwall-ready,… Read more