Reduce expensive demand charges with solar + storage

tesla battery solar electricity storage

Tesla Powerwall batteries can help businesses – such as the Hyatt Regency in Portland, ME – reduce operating costs by allowing them to maximize the use of their on-site solar power

While we tend to think of solar and battery storage as an emergency backup solution, the reality is that battery storage combined with solar offers a strong incentive for the unique power needs of businesses.

Solar electricity makes sense for businesses because it provides reliable electricity locked in at a rate lower than offered by the utility company. However, for many businesses, the bulk of the electric bill is structured around demand charges (paying for a certain amount of grid capacity to be available during energy spikes) vs. volumetric charges (paying for the actual kilowatt-hours of electricity needed to power the business).

Solar electricity does a great job of reducing volumetric charges, and when there is coincident load (heavy power use during the day) it can have an impact on demand charges as well. However, this impact is significantly enhanced by the addition of smart batteries which allow stored solar energy to be released during high demand peaks, effectively lowering the amount of energy being demanded from the grid during this time period. You pay less of a demand charge because you have ‘shaved’ the load that is needed from the grid.

Combining the power of the sun and batteries allows your business to save money and significantly reduce its carbon footprint. This incentive program is a win for your business, your customers, and our planet!