Action: Coloring Pages for Paid Family Leave


Goal: Paid Family Leave for Maine

Details: The Maine Paid Leave Coalition is a group of partners who work together to create comprehensive system change related to paid family and medical leave, and to implement a system that works for all Mainers, leaving no one behind.


Action: Support The National Clean Energy And Sustainability Accelerator (National Climate Bank)


Goal: We would like all of Maine’s Senators and Representatives to sign on as co-sponsors of H.R. 806, National Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator.

Details: The National Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator will provide funding for a similar entity in Maine. The Maine Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator will partner with local banks, credit unions and other lenders to reduce barriers and help them fund climate solutions. Maine can solve the climate emergency, and kick-start our economy at the same time!


Action: Support LD 2, an act to require the inclusion of Racial Impact Statements in the Legislative Process


Details: You can read the proposed legislation here and learn more about why assessing the impact of legislation on people and communities of color is so important by listening to this report on Maine Public.