Eugene from Westbrook, Maine

I had a totally positive experience with ReVision Energy. Everyone involved in the solar installation was thoughtful and friendly, and the system seems to be running fine. Read more

Richard in Sangerville, Maine

In 2004, my wife and I built a home with radiant floor heat, oil fired hot water, on one level with an attached garage – 2,600 square feet total. In 2009 we had a Geothermal heat pump installed to replace the oil-fired hot water system. At the same time, we were able to add a… Read more

Molly & Doug from Northport, Maine

Our project was a small grid-tied 2550 W system on our barn roof in Northport ME, installed at the end of April 2015. Around Aug 1 we passed the 1 MW generated mark, which seems to be on track for keeping up with our use averaged over the course of a year. ReVision was great… Read more

Richard from Hanover, Maine

I just wanted to congratulate and says thanks to the crew that was here yesterday. Great job start to finish (about 5 working hours). They were a very nice group to have here. We are totally delighted (but then how could not be with this sun)! Read more

Mike from Wilton, New Hampshire

It’s now been 2 weeks since my 5.5kW rooftop array was installed and 10 days since it began producing – I couldn’t be more pleased! The installation was done very professionally (thanks Steve, Josh, Jared, and Dillon), the product is working great (for the recent string of 9 mostly sunny days it’s been averaging more… Read more

David & Jennifer from Derry, New Hampshire

Environmentally speaking, it feels good to know that I’m going to be relying on the sun and not someone’s fossil fuels. Every sunny day without solar is like watching a faucet running. You’re seeing the energy going to waste. Read more

Kurt from Raymond, Maine

I can’t say enough good things about your crew. Matt, Mel and the others made this installation look easy. The only thing they left behind were outstanding looking and working projects. No trace of materials and just a very clean project. It has been a pleasure working with ReVision! Read more

Cliff from Sanford, ME

Our TED meter routinely shows the array generating over 8 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and back-feeding 2/3 of that to the grid! We look at sunny days in a whole new way now thanks to our solar PV system. Read more