Battery-Powered Backup for your Home


Protect your home from outages by adding reliable battery-powered back up to your solar. 

Enjoy the sun, even during an outage! The next generation of battery storage has arrived, giving solar customers clean, reliable, and efficient backup power that further lessens their daily dependence on the power grid.

Tesla RevealGrid-tied solar electric systems are a great way to save money by using free power from the sun. However, for safety reasons, most grid-tied solar arrays are designed to shut down when they lose grid connection during a power outage. Solar battery storage bypasses this issue by storing excess solar power for later use, and acting as a backup if the connection is lost.

ReVision Energy’s main battery solutions, the Tesla Powerwall and the SolarEdge Home Battery, enable you to access the free, abundant power of the sun, even during a grid failure. We have options available in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and parts of Vermont. Additionally, ReVision Energy is a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer.

Batteries are covered by the 30% Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit, both when combined with a solar installation and for stand alone battery installations. Starting January 2023, households can receive an uncapped 30% tax credit for a battery storage installation. The full cost after incentives will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your house and size of your planned battery storage installation. Our team at ReVision can help you figure out how much you can save, especially when combined with solar. 

Tesla Powerwall

4-tesla-powerwalls-installed-by-revision.jpgWith the Tesla Powerwall, you can store solar energy generated during the day for use at any time. Installing a Powerwall with ReVision Energy is easy. We take care of everything from system design to permitting, installation, financing, and ongoing customer service.

Powerwall consists of a 13.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, liquid thermal control system, an integrated inverter and software that intelligently dispatches electricity when it’s needed most. The unit mounts seamlessly on a wall or on the ground, and is connected to the grid to export excess energy, maximizing your opportunity for economic benefit.

SolarEdge Home Battery

The SolarEdge Home Battery is a leading choice for those seeking reliable energy storage. It is an excellent alternative to the Tesla Powerwall, certified for its reliability, high safety standards and industry leading quality.

The battery is designed to handle your most demanding appliances. With 9.7kWh of storage per battery, it offers robust outage protection. Enhanced by Weather Guard technology in the mySolarEdge app, it automatically prepares for severe weather by charging in advance, keeping you powered through New England's unpredictable storms.

SolarEdge Home Battery Example.jpgAdditionally, SolarEdge recently unveiled the Re-Energize Program, which offers a practical solution for existing SolarEdge customers looking to upgrade their systems. If you have a SolarEdge inverter and are considering expanding your solar array or adding a SolarEdge Home Battery, this program allows you to upgrade to a Home Hub inverter at a reduced cost. With this new inverter, you can enjoy enhanced energy efficiency and the convenience of monitoring your storage and solar data within the SolarEdge app. This program supports your system's growth and integration, ensuring your solar setup remains resilient and adaptable to your evolving energy needs.

How Do Solar Batteries Work?

Most solar arrays are connected directly to the electricity grid, and any excess electricity produced by your solar panels that is not immediately needed by your home will export into the grid. You will receive credits for this excess power, and on days when your home needs more electricity than your solar panels are making, you’ll use those credits to draw power from the grid.

Adding a battery storage solution to your solar array reduces your dependence on the electric grid, and allows you to continue using solar energy even when the grid is down. Solar batteries work like laptop or cellphone batteries, storing power produced by your solar array for later use. This means that you have a fully charged battery ready to go, powering your house almost instantaneously when and if the grid goes down.

Checkout the video below for an overview of how solar batteries work: