Commercial Workplace EV Charging

Give your business a competitive commercial edge with electric vehicle charging.

Few workplace initiatives offer such a unique dual win of cutting costs and increasing employee satisfaction as the roll-out of a workplace charging program. Installing EV chargers and initiating a commercial charging program is an opportunity for your business to set itself apart by saving money, reducing operations and maintenance costs, increasing workplace sustainability, and offering higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Economic and Environmental Benefits 

  • Chargepoint KennebunkAttract customers & employees: Investments in EV charging are a way to show conscientious workers and consumers that your business is committed to a clean energy economy.

  • Lower operation costs: EV charging transfers the energy cost savings from driving electric back into your business' budget. Run your fleet on roughly half the cost of gasoline!

  • Achieve sustainability & carbon emission reduction goals: Increasing your workplace sustainability is a benefit for your customers, employees, and the community you operate in.

  • Promote driving electric: Connect your business to a growing network of EV charging locations in New England, easily founds and utilized by the increasing population of EV drivers.

ReVision helps businesses of all size take advantage of the many benefits EV charging offers. We install EV chargers for workplace use, as well as for fleet use, depending on the needs of the business.

Workplace EV Charging

revision electric vehicle fleet.pngA rapidly growing number of Americans are transitioning to electric vehicles, or EVs — both plug-in hybrid and all-electric models. In response, many commercial enterprises and small business owners are installing EV chargers, and providing workplace charging as an incentive for their employees who drive some form of EV.

EV Fleet Charging

It’s another huge opportunity to install chargers to power your company fleet. Electric vehicles are a great choice for fleet vehicles because 1) electricity costs roughly 1/2 that of gasoline (and is even cheaper when connected to solar power), 2) the vehicles need comparatively little maintenance — no fluid change, less brake wear, and 90% fewer moving parts.

That means that EVs spend more time on the road and less at the dealership. Switching to EVs means you can enjoy serious financial savings while also going greener.

Incentives and Resources:

Thanks to numerous federal and state incentives, transitioning to electric is more affordable and beneficial than ever before. Check out our online Commercial EV Charging Incentives Guide that we regularly update for businesses, or visit these national resources:

1. Plug In America’s State and Federal incentives map shows state and federal incentives for EV purchases and infrastructure.

2. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center shows laws, regulations, and incentives for each state.