Whit Merritt

Solar Design Specialist | Employee-Owner

Whit's Pic.jpgWhit grew up just outside of Boston, MA, in a lively family of seven that cherished sports and the outdoors. His early years were filled with hockey practices, family trips to the White Mountains for skiing and hiking, and plenty of yard work with his father. Both of his patient parents were passionate about the environment and consistently instilled this value in their children.

As Whit moved on to college, there was no clear path for him. So, like any kid lacking a strong sense of direction, he followed his interests. This manifested itself in him taking many courses in business, environmental science, and social entrepreneurship. Amid trying to "figure it out" at Clark, his family found a piece of land in Newbury, NH. Close to family and Mount Sunapee, this became their family dream—to build a sustainable home in the mountains for all future family gatherings!

His family’s pursuit to build a net zero home, solar was a cornerstone of the design, and the name that kept coming up was ReVision. This was in 2017, and their solar system was installed in early 2018. Since then, they have been proud Solar Champions! After graduating from Clark University, Whit and his twin brother’s entrepreneurial spirit led them to found Twin Birch. The company’s mission was to create ethical and sustainable clothing while educating their customers about the unsustainable practices of conventional clothing industry.

After three and a half years, one pandemic, and a lot of learning, Whit decided it was time for the next challenge. He didn't need to look far when considering new opportunities. His values aligned seamlessly with an industry-leading company he was already a customer of. Whit became a proud Co-Owner at ReVision in late 2023 and hasn't looked back!

In his free time, you can find him on the slopes of Mount Sunapee or playing 18 holes at Montcalm. Whit loves heading north with his girlfriend and two dogs to adventure in the North Country for a weekend. He also enjoys his time in the kitchen or out grilling, trying to create his next delicious experience.