Solar Case Study: Shawnee Peak

Shawnee Peak | Bridgton, ME

By the numbers:

Shawnee PeakSystem size:  10 kW 
System output:  32,991 kWh/year
CO₂ reduction:  51,544 pounds/year

The two solar arrays, installed the second week of October, will provide 32,991 kilowatt-hours a year of clean energy. The project will ultimately save the resort more than $160,000 over the 40-year lifespan of the system.

Solar prices have dropped 75% in the past ten years, making it easier for small family-owned businesses like Shawnee Peak to transition to renewable energy. Shawnee Peak also received a grant from the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), which helped with the upfront cost. REAP grants are administered through the US Department of Agriculture and provide assistance to rural small businesses to construct renewable energy systems and other energy efficiency projects. Owner Geoff Homer praises the program, saying, "The REAP grant was essential to the project and the team at ReVision Energy was very helpful in helping us navigate the entire process."

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