Snow Guards

Solar Project Snow Guard Options


When rooftop solar panels are installed, the typical high-friction roof surface is replaced with the smooth glass surface of solar panels, which is very low-friction. Unlike the textured surface of most roofs, the glass face of a solar panel creates a situation where melting snow and ice acts as a lubricant (instead of trickling off the roof), causing the panel surface to become frictionless and releasing the entire snow load at once. 

Snowguard.jpgAlpine Snow Guards on our South Portland officeThere are a variety of designs available to help safely shed snow from solar panels. Two general types of snow guards are clamp-on guards and snow fences. ReVision Energy uses products by Alpine SnowGuard and Rocky Mountain Snow Guard.

  • Alpine Snow Guard

    Alpine SnowGuards are installed on the solar panel frame with a screw-on clamp that secures the snow guard and prevents it from moving. Alpine’s snow guards are made from recycled materials.

    Alpine SnowGuards innovated the first and only solar management system on the market. It was launched in 2012 and has evolved into a three-component system that is recommended for all roof mounted or carport solar arrays in snowy regions with a pitch of 2/12 or greater. Snow and ice can avalanche off sloped surfaces, posing a hazard to people and property below. Together, the system holds snow and ice in position. By doing so, snow and ice melt and shed gradually, instead of all at once, preventing injuries to pedestrians and property damage.

  • Rocky Mountain Snow Guard

    Drift IV+ No Ice Screen - Winter Park 3.jpgClose up of Rocky Mountain Snow GuardsThe snow fence solution is designed to attach to the roof separately from the solar panel to minimize the impact on the panel itself. 

    The Snow Fence by Rocky Mountain Snow Guards is the most popular snow fence available. This snow fence is installed at the eave of the roof and bolted down to collect snow as it slides off the solar panels. It’s made of durable, powder-coated aluminum and has a sleek design that blends in with any style of roofing material. The Snow Fence is UV resistant and works with metal, composite, asphalt shingle, cedar shake, or slate roofs.

It is important to remember that snow guards are not a replacement for regular maintenance and repairs.