Scope of Work Additions

Special Notes For Ground Mounted And/Or Trench Installations

During an installation we do our best to minimize disturbance of the site. Due to the size of the equipment being used for the installation and the unknown variables in the ground the following exclusions apply.

  • Ground-Mount-Solar-ReVision-Energy.jpgThis project quote assumes that the excavation depths required for the foundation (including helical piers) of the ground mount structure and/or the trench for the conduit/piping run can be achieved with typical excavation equipment. In some situations alternate mounting locations may need to be considered. This quote does not include additional labor, equipment and/or materials cost should ledge or large boulders be encountered during the excavation process, or if the system must be located at an alternate site.

  • The ground around the mounting structure and/or the trenching area will be disturbed from the excavation equipment and excavation process. Landscaping services, loam, and seed are not included in the scope of this proposal.

  • Removal of rocks and/or boulders is not included in this proposal. Additional fill may be required where large amounts of rocks or boulders are removed from the ground.

  • Note: Ground screw based systems can be installed in rocky and dense soils, and can be installed into ledge with minimal site disturbance.

Examples of Trench Work: